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Essential Ingredients For A Tasty Stew

Essential Ingredients For A Tasty Stew

There’s nothing better than indulging in a warm, tasty and home-cooked stew after a long day. It’s in those moments where we get to bond with family and spend much needed quality time with them.

Stews are a popular dish in South Africa and often a staple in winter. There are many ways to making this hearty meal, which often ranges between more expensive meats like muscles and seafood. But then there are basic ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen cupboard that will result in a rich, meaty flavour with less expensive ingredients.

Stock Cubes
There’s nothing better than an oxtail or beef stew that brings out its meaty flavour – and by adding a stock cube, you’re already there. Sometimes, adding just a few spices aren’t enough for the rich flavour and thick texture we’re after. For beef stews, add a Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes and you’ll taste the difference.

Many delicious meals wouldn’t be as tasty without braising onions before adding fragrant spices. Onions form the vegetal foundation in cooking which is probably why it’s one of the most widely used foods in cooking. Onions may cause teary eyes but they’re good for our health. They’re low in calories but high in minerals and vitamins.

What’s a stew without potatoes? For meals to stretch, potatoes are perfect to cook with. Potatoes are rich in nutrients and are a great source of Vitamin B6 which helps to maintain a healthy body.

Carrots are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. They add great flavour to stews and are a relatively affordable addition. Carrots will also add a pop of colour too.

Although meat isn’t an absolute necessity, It is a great addition. A common mistake to make when cooking beef is rushing the cooking process. Give the beef enough time to break down and become tender while sucking up all those beef or chicken stock juices.

Beef stew is a relatively easy meal to prepare. If you’re not sure how to make it, try out this beef and butter bean stew recipe. It’s rich in flavour and will definitely be enjoyed by the rest of the family. Serve it with pap and you have the perfect meal.

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