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Choose To Eat Better With Knorr

Make the good stuff

Change the world. Change what's on your plate. Eat for good.

Reinvent your relationship with food

We want to make it simple to swap everyday meals with sustainable alternatives for ours and the land's health, and give you everyday inspiration with our Plant-based Superfoods.

Knorr is on a mission to inspire everyone to eat wholesome foods that are better for our health and well-being. Because we know that what we eat and how well we eat impacts how we feel. Small changes can make a huge difference. Change the world by changing what's on your plate.

Move towards a better food future with Knorr and view the Plate of the Nation 2022 results which hold information regarding how and what the nation is eating and how it impacts South Africa's health.

View the PONA 2022 results here

Change what's on your plate with Knorr's Plant-based Superfoods

We've partnered with the WWF to create the 50 Plant-based Superfoods, a selection of vegetable, grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds from around the world which increase the nutritional value of our meals. As the world's leading experts in flavour, we know how to help you turn these nourishing foods into irresistible meals.

Things we can do to make a difference

Navigating the food system in terms of best nutritional choices may be tough and making choices about the health of the planet as well can seem daunting, but making responsibility for the planet taste good, is our priority. With Knorr Soups, and the convenience of our Meal Solutions, we're inspiring people to make changes that can save time and the planet at the same time.

Simple Swaps

Here are a few ways you can start including interesting alternatives that are both nutritious and good for the planet. Plan ahead with confidence.

Knorr Soups

We have a wide range of Knorr Soups that can be part of your daily meal making routine. Do more with Soups, whether you use them to thicken hearty soups, to enhance the flavour of your stews and sishebos or curries. Consisting of 17 flavours, our soup packets make for endless flavour combinations with your traditional recipes.

Let's get back to better meals

Our Meal Solutions are just that. Ways and means to cook, braai, bake, stew and roast quicker and better. With Meal Solutions, it means more time on your hands without compromising on flavour and nutrition. There are no limits to what is available for you to try and test in your kitchen. Plan your meals for the weeks and choose your favourites from our wide range of products.

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Simply answer a few dietary questions and we will serve you a personalised weekly menu featuring recipes that suit your needs.