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Our Mayo

World’s No.1 Mayonnaise

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise has been dedicated to making high quality mayonnaise for a 100 years. We offer you different types of mayonnaise, which have been carefully made to add pleasure and inspiration to every meal. Hellmann’s understands your need for top-quality ingredients, great taste, and convenient options for every meal, and occasions such as: dinner at home, a braai, picnic, or even when you are out and about.

Products Made From Quality Ingredients

At Hellmann’s, we love great food and believe that, with our products, you can make good food too. Hellmann’s products have quality ingredients like barn eggs and oils that are rich in essential Omega-3.

Hellmann’s chooses to source the ingredients of our products from sustainable sources, which ensures that they are bursting with delicious taste. We are always looking for new ways in which to reduce our environmental impact. Find out more about Hellmann’s sustainability efforts in the menu above.

Bring Out The Best In Your Cooking

Did you know that Hellmann’s mayonnaise can be used when cooking starters, main courses and even desserts? We believe that Hellmann’s products are the surprise ingredient that is sure to make every meal you eat taste better. We have great recipes to discover, so that you can begin your taste adventure with Hellmann’s South Africa.


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