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Choose To Eat Better With Knorrox

Rich, meaty taste for the strength to take on tomorrow

Everybody deserves to have tasty, nourishing food. At Knorrox, we're committed to making nutritious, delicious, affordable eating possible for all.

Read on to find out what we're doing to help YOU give your family all the goodness and strength they need.


Generations of Strength

Do you remember the aroma of your Gogo's cooking? That mouth-watering steam filling the air on a cold winter evening? Knorrox gives you home-grown goodness that takes you back to a time of peeking over the rim of a pot and savouring the strong flavours within.

Knorrox was established in South Africa in 1968 - making it a brand rich with heritage. South Africans have trusted Knorrox to deliver flavoursome dishes for generations. At Knorrox we celebrate resilient South African women, like your Gogo, who find innovative ways to be a hero in their homes even when the odds are stacked against them. The bull in the Knorrox logo is symbolic of the inner strength of these determined doers who can make a little go a long way to nourish and care for the ones they love.

Tried, tested, trusted, nutritious

For over 50 years, Knorrox has been at the heart of rich, meaty South African cooking. Our Knorrox products are developed with this heritage in mind. We know that Knorrox recipes do more than just fill your family's stomachs: they also give you and your community the strength and nourishment to keep pushing forward towards a better tomorrow.

But creating excellent food for your loved ones goes beyond merely making every mouthful taste- delicious - just as important is ensuring that your family receive the vital nutrients they need to stay strong and healthy.

Extra goodness in every meal

At Knorrox, we believe that knowledge is power. That's why our mission is to help you better understand your family's daily nutritional needs, so they stay healthy, well nourished and ready for a better tomorrow.

Do you know that some of our products are fortified with important micronutrients that are critical in helping our bodies maintain good health? When foods are fortified, it simply means that extra nourishment and goodness is added in the form of minerals, vitamins, protein and fibre.


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Simply answer a few dietary questions and we will serve you a personalised weekly menu featuring recipes that suit your needs.