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Taste the meatiness. Feel the strength

About Us

Generations of Strength

Do you remember the smell of your Gogo’s cooking? That mouth-watering steam filling the air on a cold winter evening? Knorrox gives you homegrown goodness that takes you back to a time of peeking over the rim of a pot and savouring the strong flavours within.

Knorrox was established in South Africa in 1968 – making it a brand rich with heritage. South Africans have trusted Knorrox to deliver flavoursome dishes for generations. At Knorrox we celebrate resilient South African women, like your Gogo, who find innovative ways to be a hero in their homes even when the odds are stacked against them. The bull in the Knorrox logo is symbolic of the inner strength of these determined doers who can make a little go a long way to nourish and care for the ones they love.

Taste and Versatility Time Upon Time

Knorrox products provide many new ways to cook delicious, hearty meals, rich in our signature taste. Each Knorrox product has been carefully crafted with less salt, more meaty goodness and mouth-watering flavour that brings communities together.

Use Knorrox to enhance your stews, soups, curries and more. Create meals that aren’t just enjoyable but nourishing too. We know that the right nutrition will provide you with the strength to pursue your dreams, reach your goals and create your own success story.

Knorrox products include soya mince, bouillon stock cubes, soups, seasoning and herbs & spices. Our affordable, easy, and practical range of cooking condiments gives you so many new ways to cook delicious meals that are packed full of meaty flavour. Our range is versatile and can be used across multiple dishes. Every Knorrox product is bursting with that rich, nyama flavour that fills bellies and strengthens family bonds.

The Strength of a Hero

They say a true hero is not measured by her size, but by the size of herheart. This is true for Knorrox Stock Cubes. Our stock cubes may be small, but they pack a powerful punch. A true all-rounder, Knorrox Stock Cubes brings a whole lot of flavour to your bean stew, chicken curry and soya mince. Now with less salt, add Knorrox Stock Cubes to just about any recipe for a meal that is both scrumptious and nutritious.

Goodness for Less

Knorrox Soups are an affordable way to give your family the nourishing goodness they deserve. Knorrox understands that a large family needs a lot of nourishment. Our soups have all the meatiness, so you don’t need to add much else to the pot to feed your loved ones.

Your family’s health is important to us. That’s why we’ve also reduced the salt in our Knorrox Soups without sacrificing taste. With your family’s health and well-being in mind we have developed the most delicious flavours to set them up for a successful day.

Stronger Muscles, Extra Flavour

Knorrox Soya Mince gives your evening meal extra protein. This helps to build stronger muscles. When your body feels strong, your mind can achieve great things. It is also a nutritious vegetarian mince option having gained popularity as a healthy alternative to meat.

Knorrox Soya Mince has 26-28g of protein per 100g (depending on the variant used), which means your family is getting the nourishment they need without the expense of real meat. It is versatile and easy-to-prepare. Simply soak the soya mince for 10 minutes and then add it to your cooking.

Additionally, Knorrox Soya Mince is a cost-effective way to add more protein to your diet without losing that yummy nyama taste. This vegetarian delight is a crowd pleaser. Try it with our Knorrox Stock Cubes for extra flavour.

Tradition That Looks to Tomorrow

For over 50 years, Knorrox has been at the heart of rich, meaty South African cooking. Our Knorrox products are developed with this heritage in mind. We know that Knorrox recipes do more than just fill your family’s stomach, they give you and your community the strength and nourishment to keep pushing forward towards a better tomorrow.

Supporting South Africans

Each day brings new opportunities as well as struggles. We are proud of how resourceful, resilient, and courageous South Africans are. Your inner strength inspires us to empower the cornerstone of our nation - women.

At Knorrox we aim to educate the nation on alternative methods of adding flavour while still achieving a rich meaty taste with less salt - “more flavour, less salt”.

We have reduced the salt levels in our soups and cubes because we know that one’s daily salt intake is directly linked to non-communicable diseases such as heart-attacks and strokes. South Africans consume up to 2-3 times their recommended daily salt allowance of 5g and 45% of the salt eaten is added at the table.

We have therefore placed high importance on education and awareness to assist South Africans in making better choices when preparing and eating food.

We will continue to develop Knorrox products that nourish the body, lift the spirits, and strengthen the bonds between communities.

This way we know that we will always be part of your kitchen and that Knorrox will play a part in your tomorrow.


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