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Choose To Eat Better With Knorrox

Taste the meatiness. Feel the strength

About Us


You have the strength to create your own success story, both at home and at work. Sometimes you just need a little help. That’s why each Knorrox product has been carefully crafted to make a tasty and nutritious difference to your pot.

Knorrox’s easy and practical range of cooking condiments gives you many new ways to cook delicious meals, rich in our famous meaty taste. Knorrox soups, soya mince and stock cubes are a great place to start.

Our Knorrox Stock Cubes may be small but they pack a powerful punch. You can add them to any meal because a better tomorrow starts with a nourishing meal today.


For over 50 years, Knorrox has been at the heart of rich, meaty South African meals. Meals that do more than just fill your family’s stomach, they give you and your family the strength and nourishment to keep pushing forward towards a better tomorrow.

We call it the taste of strength. Knorrox’s wide range of cubes, soups and soya mince are a smart, affordable and time-honoured way to add delicious meatiness to meals that bring families, friends and communities together.


We know that every day brings you new opportunities and old struggles.

We also know how resourceful, resilient and courageous you are. It’s your strength and courage that inspires us. It inspires us to empower women to break societal barriers through a program which funds and up-skills women in start-up food ventures.

It also inspires us to help you provide everyday meals that nourish bodies, lift spirits and strengthen the bonds between people. It’s our way of nourishing the strength of South African women.


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Try our Menu Planner

Simply answer a few dietary questions and we will serve you a personalised weekly menu featuring recipes that suit your needs.