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5 Ways to Take Your Stews from Dull to Gourmet

5 Ways to Take Your Stews from Dull to Gourmet

Nothing tastes better than a slow-cooked stew, with thick, rich gravy and tasty vegetables. But sometimes, we can get a bit stuck in our routines. So, here are five ways to zhoosh up your stews to go from dull to a tasty gourmet stew.

Here Are 5 Ways To Liven Up Your Stews With An Explosion Of Flavour:

1. Go to North Africa

North African stews make extensive use of clove, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric. Why not try adding some of these spices to your traditional stew recipes for a Tunisian touch?

2. Make it Vegetarian

Health is the new wealth, and everyone is looking for clever ways to introduce more nutritious vegetables in their family’s diet. Doing a meat-free Monday is a fun way to go about making a new healthy habit in the long run. Just replace the meat in your stew with filling veggies like beans, squashes, butternut, potatoes or mielies. Make sure you inject loads of flavour by using Knorrox’s meaty Oxtail stock cubes for the gravy.

3. Serve Your Stew With Mash

Stamp and pap are delicious but mashed potatoes also make a creamy, filling side to serve with your meaty dishes. Just boil your potatoes, drain the water and add a bit of margarine or even mayonnaise with salt and pepper for a taste sensation.

4. Make a curry instead

Instead of making your usual savoury, gravy stew, why not spice things up by turning it into a curry instead? Just add curry powder when you’re frying your onions and when you’re adding your stock, use the vegetable curry flavoured cube like the ones from Knorrox for a different meal experience.

5. Cook Rice And Stew Together For A Casserole

A casserole is a stew that is cooked in the oven and not on the stove. It’s usually prepared in a large oven-proof dish that has a lid to allow the meat to stew in its own juices. Why not use your stew ingredients and make an all-in-one stew meal by cooking the rice with the meat and gravy?

Just place the uncooked rice in the bottom of your dish and add your browned meat and gravy with extra water for the rice. Put it in the oven, low and slow and give it an hour or more. The results will astound everyone.

How do you zhoosh up your stews? Share your ideas and join the conversation.

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