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The Perfect Spices for Different Types of Meat

The Perfect Spices for Different Types of Meat

Are you getting bored of using the same seasoning and spices on your meat? Do you feel like you’re not adventurous enough to try anything new when it comes to spices? Knowing what spice to put on different kinds of meat can be tricky, and as a result, some people either don't add any flavour or they use the same spice for every meat.

We’ve created a Robertson's spice guide to show you how to add different flavours to your meats by pairing them with the right spice. Say goodbye to bland, under-seasoned meat and say hello to bold, tantalising flavours thanks to Robertson’s spices.

First, The Salt & Pepper!

Salt and pepper are the first spices that should be used with every meat dish. Salt and pepper are what we call, the spice basics! These spices help to season and soften the meat and enable the basic flavours of any meat to be enhanced. Start by generously seasoning every cut of meat with Robertson’s Atlantic Sea Salt and Robertson’s Black Pepper.

What Robertson's Spices Go with Beef?

From a fillet steak under the grill to boerewors on the braai, beef has been a staple meat dish for generations in South Africa. To enhance the meaty, rich flavours of a cut of beef, we love a combination of herbs and spices to bring out the best in the beef. Try a bold blend of Robertson’s Origanum and rich and tangy Robertson’s Barbecue Spice when seasoning your next cut of beef.

We recommend this mix of Robertson’s meat spice for beef, just be sure to add a generous glug of Extra Virgin Olive Oil over your meat before cooking. If you need to first tenderize your beef cut, use Robertson’s Meat Tenderiser. If you’re wondering How to use Robertson’s meat tenderizing spice, First, pat your cut of beef dry with a paper towel. Then pierce the meat on both sides using a sharp knife. Sprinkle the meat tenderiser spice over the meat and allow it to sit for an hour.

What Robertson's Spices Go with Pork?

Cuts of pork are a delicious addition to any lunch or dinner menu. Whether you’re cooking pork fillets for dinner or grilling Kesler chops on the braai, try this wonderful herb and spice combination that pairs beautifully with pork. Pour equal parts of Robertson’s Thyme and Robertson’s Paprika into a bowl, to create a dry rub for the pork. This seasoning combination helps to bring out the subtle yet strong flavours of the pork.

What Robertson's Spices Go with Chicken?

Chicken is a wonderfully versatile meat that can be prepared and cooked in many different ways and served with a variety of wonderful vegetables and carbohydrates. Before cooking any cut of chicken meat, make sure you season it well first to enhance its flavour. Under-seasoned chicken can be quite bland and tasteless. We highly recommend Robertson’s Chicken Spice as the perfect all-around seasoning blend for any piece of chicken. Give Robertson’s Masterblend in Zesty Lemon and Herb a try next time you’re cooking chicken thighs or wings on the braai too.

What Robertson's Spices Go with Lamb?

Lamb is strong-flavoured, delicate meat that needs to perfect seasoning combination. Lamb can easily be under-seasoned which is not ideal. Always start with a good sprinkling of salt and pepper, of course, and then add a generous sprinkle of Robertson’s Crushed Garlic to the lamb cut. Mint and Rosemary pair beautifully with lamb, so try a mix of Robertson’s Rosemary with chopped fresh mint as the final seasoning layer for your lamb cut.

What Robertson's Spices Go with Seafood?

Seafood and fish need a little bit of seasoning to go a long way. Robertson’s Spice for Fish is a wonderful seasoning option for any seafood dish thanks to the combination of spicy, zesty, sweet and nutty flavours it brings. Whether you sprinkle this spice on prawns before braaiing them or on a cut of fish before baking it, you will not be sorry. Seafood is best served with steamed-to-perfection rice. Try Robertson’s Spice for Rice to add a nutty, spicy flavour to the rice and serve it with your next seafood dish?

What Robertson's Spices Go with Turkey?

Turkey, like chicken, is a low-fat white meat that pairs well with many different kinds of flavours. However, if it’s under-seasoned it can become quite bland. Adding the right combination of herbs and spices, will help to enhance the flavour of the meat and allow your palate to enjoy it much more. We recommend Robertson’s Portuguese Chicken Spice for cuts of turkey meat, as the spicy and sweet seasoning gives a smoky, zesty flavour to the turkey that you will love.

Why Choose Robertson's Spices To Give Your Different Meats Flavour?

Don’t be afraid to get adventurous when cooking spicy meats. Seasoning will only enhance the natural flavours of the meat and will enable your palate to enjoy it a lot more. Trust Robertson’s to offer you the biggest array of herbs, spices, seasonings and master blends to give every kind of meat a flavourful, powerful punch. Visit What’s For Dinner today for more mouth-watering meal inspiration.

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