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Rajah Curry Powders in Traditional Recipes

Rajah Curry Powders in Traditional Recipes

Since the beginning, spices have played an essential role in elevating the taste and aroma of any meal. And with the traditional recipes passed down through generations, from oupas and gogos to your very own recipe book, it's no different. Your choice of seasoning can mean the difference between a flavourless dish and a mouth-watering meal. That’s why finding the best quality spices and seasonings to pair with your dishes is essential, and that’s where the Rajah range of curry powders comes to the rescue!

Join us as we unpack how Rajah’s selection of quality curry powders can help elevate your favourite traditional recipes with irresistible aroma and delicious, spicy flavour.

Making Your Traditional Meals Mnandi with Rajah Curry

When it comes to traditional South African cuisine, you know you can look forward to an explosion of diverse flavours that reflect the beautiful people, vibrant cultures and stunning landscapes of Mzansi. It’s a melting pot of flavours, and spices play an essential role in creating the unique taste profiles that make this cuisine so special. From our iconic boerewors and sishebos to bunny chows, koeksisters and pap with cow’s feet, our traditional foods are as rich and diverse as the country itself.

As you try to recreate the flavours of your favourite traditional foods, just like uGogo used to make them, you’ll find that you need quality spices and seasonings to unlock the authentic flavours. Finding the perfect seasoning, however, can feel like a never-ending quest. Fortunately, the Rajah range has the solution with a selection of rich and deliciously aromatic curry powders that make it easy to recreate those traditional recipes while also adding a delicious, spicy twist.

Let’s explore Rajah’s Curry Powders before we take a look at some traditional South African food recipes you can try with the Rajah range to elevate your meal times with incredible flavour and aroma you can taste.

Rajah Curry Powders for Irresistible Aroma and Bold Flavour

With a long-standing history in delivering rich, aromatic and flavoursome seasonings to ignite your senses and satisfy your cravings, Rajah is the name you can trust to help you enhance your favourite traditional foods with generous flavour and delicious aroma. Rajah offers an assortment of curry powders to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, ensuring your favourite traditional recipes are seasoned just to your liking.

Whether you prefer mild or hot flavours or something in between, Rajah has got you covered with 6 curry powders for you to choose from. Made from an expert blend of the finest quality herbs and spices, these curry powders always deliver on taste and aroma. Hungry yet? Let’s tuck into a few traditional South African recipes using Rajah Curry Powders to help infuse your old favourites with robust flavour and aroma you can taste.

Three Traditional Recipes Enhanced With a Rajah Twist

Umngqusho - When it comes to rich, hearty traditional dishes that transport us to memories of childhood, samp or umngqusho has to be on the list. The Rajah Medium Curry Powder brings a mouth-watering, spicy touch to this meal that transforms every mouthful into a delight. Try it tonight and be transported to Mama’s kitchen.

Lorraine's Durban Lamb Curry - With the Rajah Mild Masala and Rajah Hot Curry Powders, this curry takes on a new dimension of flavour and aroma. The blend of spices enhances the tender, succulent lamb, allowing the flavours to come together seamlessly for a comforting and unforgettable meal.

Spicy Chakalaka - Transform this authentic, signature South African relish with the perfect amount of heat, flavour and delicious aroma with Rajah’s Mild & Spicy Curry Powder. With this chakalaka recipe, everyone will invite you to their bring and share!

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