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Nutritious Meals You Can Make With Legumes

Nutritious Meals You Can Make With Legumes

Have you been thinking about ways to turn up the nutrition in your meals without sacrificing on the yum factor? For nutritious meals that still hit all the delicious notes, make sure this superfood gets added to your shopping list, legumes. With our What’s For Dinner legume recipes, creating nutritious meals that will make you say mmm, has never ‘been’ easier.

Whether you use them as an addition to flesh out your meal or make them the star - which if we're honest they always are - our legume recipes are a simple solution for creating nutritious meals that are so full of flavour, you'll think it’s a cheat meal.

What can you do with legumes?

When cooking with legumes, you can't make the wrong choice because there are such a wide variety of them that finding your favourite is a scrumptious affair. A convenient, cost-effective, high-protein hero, whether it is lentils, lima, kidney, pinto or baked beans, our hearty and healthy legume recipes will transport your taste buds to food heaven. The only thing more plentiful than the flavour, nutrition and varieties of legumes is the various forms of this versatile super veg that you can include in your meals.

In a salad: Lentils, edamame and black-eye peas are some of the most popular legume choices for adding extra protein and depth of flavour to turn any salad into a yummy meal. Use legumes to make sure your salad leaves you feeling satisfied. Try throwing in some chopped peanuts for a crunchy and nutritious flair.
‘Spread’ the Legume Love: By mashing or pureeing your favourite bean for delicious dips and sensational spreads. Blend in some garlic and salt for an unforgettable flavour that is also good for you.

As a Meat Replacement: For stews, soups and casseroles, legumes are a wonderful meat alternative for yummy meals that will convince you to go meat-free more often than just Mondays. Packed with protein and a host of other nutrients, this versatile veg is an easy choice when you're opting for meat-free goodness.

A Wheat Flour Alternative: With a nutrient profile that rivals any refined flour you can find, legume flours don’t get the credit they deserve. A great choice for heart-healthy baking, next time you're in the mood for some baked goods, go for the good stuff and use legume flours for nutritious and tasty baked treats.

The Best legume recipes

Here are our favourite legume recipes for vegan-friendly, nutrient-rich, mouth-watering meals:

Vegan Cottage Pie

The warm, fuzzy and full feeling cottage pies deliver is undeniable. This hearty crowd pleaser, which is a must when coming up with flavourful and filling meal ideas, has been given a nutritional upgrade with this awesome vegan cottage pie alternative. Still packed with flavour and sure to leave everyone at the table satisfied, this pea filled pie is a legume recipe you want to try. View the full Vegan Cottage Pie recipe now.

Grilled Chickpea Burgers

Scrumptious and nutritious meals are made simple and easy with this healthy take on a fast food fave. Putting legume goodness at the forefront, this yummy recipe will make your palette sing. With a chickpea patty that packs a flavourful punch, you'll still get the moist, melt in your mouth goodness you expect, but with so much more nutritional value. Find yourself ditching the take-away menu for this legume recipe that will leave you wanting more.
View the full Grilled Chickpea Burger recipe now.

Lentil Bobotie with Yellow Rice

This is a true treat for the nostalgic seeking a meat-free option. And don't stress, this vegan spin on a South African classic won't get you in trouble with your granny! Starring the lovely lentil, this legume bobotie recipe is a wholesome, hearty meal that can win over even the most hardcore veggie haters. Test it out and tuck into this satisfying, robust meal to discover a love of legume recipes. You won't regret it!

View the full Lentil Bobotie with Yellow Rice recipe now. For more nutritious legume meal ideas and other great recipes, visit What’s For Dinner today.

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