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How To Make The Perfect Spice Rub For Your Steak

How To Make The Perfect Spice Rub For Your Steak

Food dreams are made of perfectly seasoned, pan-seared steaks with those signature grill marks. A meal with steak as the star of the dish can be simple and yet so, so flavourful. When it comes to making the perfect steak, there are several opinions around - from suggestions to only use a little bit of salt to recipes that recommend seasoning your steak overnight before cooking.
To ensure you have a perfectly seasoned steak, every time, we’re sharing the secret to a sensational steak spice rub that will deliver an infusion of delicious flavours to your food.

What Is a Spice Rub?

Essentially, a spice rub is a blend of a variety of different dry herbs, spices and other flavourings that is often applied on meat before cooking, to enhance and add flavour to the dish. Spice rubs, also known as dry rubs, are most commonly used to flavour different types of meat, like steak, but they can be used on other foods like mushroom or butternut steaks too, for an infusion of delightful flavours.

As steak spice rub is made up of a blend of seasonings, some people have asked whether steak rub is the same as a steak seasoning. The answer is, well, sort of. A spice rub is a type of seasoning that is usually coarser than a regular seasoning. So while they are similar, it’s best to use a spice rub, as the name suggests, by applying it to your food before cooking and using your regular seasonings to flavour your food as you cook.

Creating a Superb Spice Rub for Your Steak

When it comes to seasoning your foods with spice rub, it’s all about getting the balance of flavours just right. With so many different herbs and spices each adding a unique flavour to your food, it can be difficult to get your spice blend balanced to create a palate-pleasing spice rub. Fortunately, a spice expert has done the hard work for you, saving you time and stress with a range of the most robust seasonings, spice rubs and blends - Robertsons.

In the Robertsons’ range of herbs, spices, seasoning mixes and master blends, you can find the perfect spice rub for a scrumptious steak. The herbs and spices are masterfully blended to deliver rich flavours and delightful aromas to your food. Here are 3 tantalising steak recipes for you to try with a Robertson’s spice rub, for a spectacular, juicy steak.

Three Must-try Steak Dishes

Mustard Sirloin Steak on the Braai - The expertly blended Robertsons Braai & Grill Spicy BBQ seasoning is why this sirloin steak recipe is bursting with flavour. The combination of the braai flames and the flavourful bbq spice rub infuse this steak with incredible taste, for a quick meal that’s full of flavour.

Mushroom Steaks - With the rich flavours of the Robertsons Braai & Grill All-in-One Spice, this mouth-watering mushroom dish will even convert the meat lovers at home. The earthy and fragrant spice blend infuses the mushrooms with a scrumptious savoury taste so that you won’t hesitate to make these mushrooms the star of any plate.

Spicy Steak Baguette with Hot Mustard & Caramelised Onions -For a different sandwich, try this spicy steak baguette and enjoy an incredible meal you won’t forget. Seasoned with the Robertsons Braai & Grill Spicy BBQ, the spicy steak pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the caramelised onions for a steak sandwich that will make your tastebuds sing.

For rich and robust spice rubs for any of your dishes, make Robertsons your first stop and enjoy the incredible flavours of the masterful seasoning mixes. Trust Robertsons for seasonings to transform your foods with tantalising flavours, every time.

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