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Easy Biltong Recipes With Robertsons

Easy Biltong Recipes With Robertsons

There are few better ways to get a taste of authentic South African meaty flavour than with a slice of delicious biltong. Biltong is dried meat that packs heaps of bold flavour due to the drying and curing process where the meat is generously seasoned with herbs and spices. It is this drying and seasoning process that gives our quality herbs and spices the perfect protein platform to shine from.

Whether you’re into sweet chilli chicken flavour, or spicy barbecue beef is what gets your mouth watering, with a wide variety of meats and seasonings to choose from, with biltong and Robertsons you are always deliciously spoilt for choice.

If you’re wondering what biltong dishes you can make, where you can find biltong recipes or simply, ‘what can I do with biltong’ to add a flare of local flavour to any meal, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the answers to dispel some of the mystery around making and using biltong with our list of 3 biltong recipes that will transport your taste buds to new worlds of tantalising flavour.

How to Cook With Biltong?

Once the drying process is complete, the biltong is ready to eat, which makes cooking with biltong a breeze as you don’t need to do much to harness the delicious meat and spice flavours. If you opt to, you can make your own biltong at home with our spicy biltong recipe, and ensure your biltong is superbly seasoned and packed with flavour with our range of Robertsons exquisite spice blends.Whatever the meal idea, bring your dish to life with a few delectable slices of biltong.

Biltong Recipes

Serving as the perfect opportunity to showcase your scrumptiously seasoned homemade biltong, this recipe gives the traditional flatbread a tasty South African twist. A warm, crispy piece of flatbread, sprinkled with delicious bits of biltong throughout, with a delightful flare of heat from the Robertsons Braai & Grill Spicy BBQ spice, giving you a sensational side, perfect to pair with any dish.

Biltong Flatbread

Soak up delicious drippings of gravies or curry sauces, or mop up those last juicy morsels from a hearty stew, whatever the purpose, serve this flatbread for a tantalising treat.

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Biltong Tacos

Simple to make but packed with serious flavour, our exciting take on the tasty taco is one that will make mouths water. With a bold bite of chilli flavour courtesy of the Robertsons Cayenne Pepper, combined with the savoury goodness of Robertsons Garlic Salt and Black Pepper, this taco delivers on delicious flavour. For a quick but seriously satisfying dish that packs a flavourful punch of yumminess, give our biltong taco recipe a try, your tastebuds will thank you.

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Biltong and Caramelised Onion Mac and Cheese

You can never go wrong with a deliciously rich and creamy mac and cheese. But, consider reinventing this hearty classic with the robust flavour of superbly seasoned biltong bits paired with the slight sweetness of caramelised onion, to transform your mac and cheese into a mouth-watering wonder. With Robertsons Crushed Garlic, Thyme and Paprika spices, elevate this classic into a deliciously decadent meal bursting with exquisite flavour.

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Visit What’s For Dinner today and discover more biltong recipe inspiration for recipe ideas that transform ordinary dishes into extraordinary flavour experiences.

Robertson’s Famous For Flavour

Don't miss the chance to enter Robertson's Famous For Flavour Competition! Robertson's is inviting South Africans to enter the 'Famous for Flavour' competition to stand a chance to win their share of close to R300 000 in prizes including cash prizes of up to R20 000. This is a great opportunity to showcase your culinary skills and creativity by using Robertson's spices and herbs in your recipes. So, whether you're an experienced chef or an amateur cook, join the competition and let your taste buds take the lead!

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