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Create Spice Mixes With Curry Powder

Create Spice Mixes With Curry Powder

Whatever your flavour is, if it’s a kick of heat that you are looking for, a curry powder mix must be a part of the conversation.

It’s the secret ingredient behind the delightful dance of fiery flavour on your tongue after a hearty curry, or the wave of warm heat that accompanies a perfectly spiced kebab. Curry powder is undoubtedly the star of every dish, highlighting the delicious flavour notes of each ingredient to give you rich aromas coupled with robust flavour.

So, if you're looking for a way to dial up the flavour because you're tired of the same old Sunday stew, spice things up (pun intended) with a bold blend of curry powders.

Curry powder, while very popular, is the unsung hero of the spice rack simply because a lot of cooks view it as a finished product with one use - seasoning curries.

In reality, curry powder is so versatile it can be used in a variety of preparations such as in salad dressings, marinades or as a seasoning replacement for your usual table salt. However, one of the hottest culinary hacks around is using curry powder to create your own delicious spice mix.

Curry Powder Spice Mixes

A blend of curry powders, you might be thinking, ‘won't that be too hot?’. But that’s where the beauty lies in creating your own curry powder spice mix, because you're making it, you can get the balance of heat and flavours that’s perfect for your palate.

Creating your own curry powder spice mix comes with a bunch of benefits for you. Firstly, you get to throw on your chef’s hat and create exciting new flavours, which is always fun.

It’s also healthier than buying the ready-made spice mixes as you can make sure your spice blend is vegan friendly and MSG-free. So, let’s dive into how you can make your own curry spice mix and transform mundane mealtimes into unforgettable taste experiences.

How to Make Your Own Spice Mixes With Curry

For the best curry powder mix you need to use the best quality curry powders to add rich, robust, aromatic flavour to your dishes. Fortunately, Rajah has you covered with an exciting selection of six sensational curry powders that are guaranteed to deliver generous flavour and satisfying heat. With a range of flavours across the spice spectrum, you have all you need to give any meal just the right amount of spice.

Our curry powders have earned their reputation as a household staple because of the careful blend of quality herbs and spices, that provide the perfect balance of generous flavour and irresistible heat. The time-consuming task of trying to balance different spices is eliminated when you use Rajah Curry Powders as the basis for your spice mixes. All that’s left is for you to combine the curry powders of your choice to create a sensational spice mix.

For the occasions when you need a mild spice mix to add a touch of heat to your dish, try combining our Rajah Flavourful & Mild Curry Powder with the Rajah All-In-One Curry Powder. The sweet and savoury notes from the All-In-One curry powder combined with the warm spiciness of the Mild curry powder will transform your usual Sloppy-Joe Baked Potatoes into a household hit.

You could also combine our Flavourful & Mild curry powder with our Rajah Mild Masala Curry Powder to make a masterful spice mix that will have everyone asking for the secret ingredient to your delectable Aloo Bonda. The curry leaves, coriander and cumin from the Flavourful and Mild powder will add depths of earthy, aromatic flavour to your aloo. This combined with the gentle heat of the Mild Masala, makes for a satisfying, spicy snack you won’t soon forget.

Spice things up with a mix of our Rajah Medium Curry Powder and Rajah Mild & Spicy Curry Powder in your Umngqusho for a combination of robust flavour and moderate spice. Or bring on the heat with a Rajah Hot Curry Powder and All-In-One Curry Powder mix, for a fiery Prawn Jollof Rice dish, sure to put a fire in your belly.

No matter the dish, explore our range of Rajah Curry Powders and find inspiration for delightful spice mixes with generous flavour and enchanting aromas, that will create irresistible meals.

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