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Celebrating 100 years with Robertsons

Celebrating 100 years with Robertsons

For a century now, Robertsons has been a household name synonymous with quality spices and herbs. This remarkable journey has made Robertsons a pioneer in the spice industry, earning its rightful place as a beloved South African brand.

In this blog, we delve into the rich history of Robertsons, tracing its path from humble beginnings to becoming an industry leader. We explore the pivotal role this company has played in shaping South African cuisine and its commitment to providing top-quality spices sourced sustainably.

The Birth of Robertsons (1924-1940)

Robertsons' journey began in 1924 when it was founded by William C. Robertson, an ambitious entrepreneur with a passion for spices. Inspired by the diverse culinary traditions of South Africa, Robertson set out to create a range of spices that would elevate the flavours of local dishes.

In its early years, Robertsons was a small, family-run business, with a commitment to quality that remains its hallmark to this day. William Robertsons vision was simple, yet profound: to bring the finest herbs and spices to every South African kitchen.

The initial product offerings included staples like ground cinnamon, paprika, and cloves. These spices quickly gained popularity among South African households, thanks to their unmatched quality and authenticity.

The first two decades saw Robertsons establishing itself as a trusted name in the spice industry. The company's commitment to sourcing the best ingredients and using innovative techniques for processing made it a force to be reckoned with.

Expansion and Innovation At Robertsons (1940-1970)

In the post-war period, Robertsons expanded its reach beyond South Africa's borders. The company's spices found their way into kitchens across the African continent, Europe, and beyond.

This era also witnessed the introduction of iconic herbs and spices like Robertsons' famous "Spice for Rice" blend and their unique "Braai" seasoning. These blends became an integral part of South African culinary culture.

Robertsons invested in state-of-the-art packaging and distribution systems to meet the growing demand. This innovation allowed them to deliver their spices and herbs to a broader audience while maintaining their freshness.

Robertsons had a profound influence on South African cuisine during this period. The company's spices played a crucial role in the development of traditional dishes, creating a unique flavour profile that is now synonymous with the region.

Robertsons' Spice Empire (1970-2000)

By the 1970s, Robertsons had established itself as a market leader in the spice industry. Its commitment to quality and diverse product range earned it international recognition and accolades.

The company expanded its product lines to include seasonings for a variety of cuisines, catering to the diverse tastes of its growing customer base. This diversification solidified Robertsons position as an industry giant.

Robertsons also embraced sustainability during this era. The company worked closely with local farmers and global partners to ensure that their herbs and spices were sourced ethically and sustainably.

Navigating the 21st Century (2000-Present)

In the 21st century, Robertsons continued to evolve. The company embraced technology, allowing customers to order spices online and access a wealth of culinary inspiration through their website and social media channels.

With the help of data-driven insights, Robertsons adapted to changing consumer preferences. The company closely monitored units sold, market reach, and customer feedback, ensuring that their products remained relevant and sought after.

Amidst all the changes, Robertsons never compromised on quality. Their commitment to providing the finest herbs and spices remained unwavering, ensuring that every meal prepared with Robertsons' products was a flavourful delight.

Robertsons played a vital role in shaping global culinary trends. Their diverse product range and innovative blends found their way into kitchens around the world, influencing dishes and flavours on a global scale.

Robertsons - Sourcing the Flavours for In-Depth Variety

Robertsons offers an extensive range of herbs and spices, from cloves' aromatic richness to chilli flakes' fiery kick. Their dedication to providing variety ensures that every culinary creation is a masterpiece.

The herbs and spices provided by Robertsons are carefully sourced from regions known for their quality and flavour. The company also places a strong emphasis on sustainable practices to protect the environment and support local communities.

Quality control is at the heart of Robertsons operations. From the moment the herbs and spices are sourced to the final packaging, rigorous quality standards are maintained to guarantee freshness and flavour.

The Robertsons Impact

Today, Robertsons herbs and spices continue to play a pivotal role in modern cuisine. From traditional South African dishes to international culinary explorations, Robertsons products are a chef's best friend.

Celebrating 100 Years: Special Anniversary Offerings

As Robertsons celebrates its 100th year, they have introduced special anniversary offerings, showcasing its commitment to excellence and innovation. These limited-edition blends are a testament to the company's enduring legacy.

Beyond the kitchen, Robertsons remains dedicated to the community. They support various initiatives aimed at empowering local farmers and ensuring that the spice industry remains sustainable for generations to come.

The Robertsons Journey

The journey of Robertsons over the past 100 years is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. From its humble beginnings to its current status as an industry leader, Robertsons has not only shaped South African cuisine but has also left an indelible mark on global culinary trends.

As we celebrate "100 Years with Robertsons," let us appreciate the rich flavours and enduring legacy of this remarkable spice company. Explore Robertsons' spices today and become part of a flavourful tradition that has stood the test of time.

Here’s to creating a flavourful future with Robertsons!

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