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8 Delicious Meals For A Fantastic Date Night

8 Delicious Meals For A Fantastic Date Night

The candles are lit and the table is set but what will you serve? We’ve put together eight mouth-watering recipes to help you put together a Valentine’s Day to remember. Whether you’re planning an evening of fine dining or something more relaxed, we’ve got you covered.

Cheesy Tomato Nachos
Cuddle up on the couch and share a delicious plate of cheesy tomato nachos. Featuring Knorr’s new Tomato Base Dry Cook-In Sauce as its star ingredient, this recipe is not only amazingly tasty but also perfectly suitable for your vegetarian sweetheart.

Stuffed Peppers
Your date will be in culinary heaven with these divine, cheesy baked peppers, stuffed with onion, garlic, couscous and toasty pecan nuts. Serve your peppers as a starter, or add a salad on the side and have them as your main.

Peri-Peri Steak Salad Cups
Grilling the perfect steak is an absolute art. Show off your skills and impress your date with these delicious low-carb salad cups, filled with tender steak strips, topped with cucumber, tomato, onion and fresh coriander, and then drizzled with Knorr Peri Peri sauce.

Yoghurt and Coriander Chicken
Let your date know that you dare to be a little different with this sumptuous yoghurt and coriander roast chicken recipe. It’s so easy to make tender, succulent roast chicken in a Knorr Cook-in-Bag.

Grilled Salmon
Delicious, nutritious salmon is said to be a powerful aphrodisiac, as is asparagus. For incredible results, try quick-roasting your salmon with fresh asparagus, then drizzling the dish with a zesty Asian-style dressing.

Tomato and Wine Roasted Lamb Shanks
Make your date feel like they’re dining at a 5-star restaurant with these delectable lamb shanks roasted with tomatoes and red wine. Using a Knorr Cook-in-Bag for slow roasting guarantees meltingly tender lamb, beautifully flavoured with garlic and rosemary.

Vegan Lasagne
We’re taking the challenge out of cooking a scrumptious meal for the vegan in your life. Our mouthwatering lasagne’s made with fresh spinach, asparagus, baby marrows and a nutritious almond-milk béchamel sauce.

Seafood Breyani
Make a fabulous impression with this extravagantly delicious seafood breyani. A rich mix of flavours and textures provides the perfect date-night meal for seafood lovers.

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