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5 South African Recipes for Heritage Day

5 South African Recipes for Heritage Day

When September arrives, and our country observes an important part of our history for Heritage Month. And one of the best ways to celebrate your family’s heritage is with food. Some people celebrate their own cultures with traditional meals, while others like to observe and appreciate the communities around them by trying dishes from those cultures.

Vetkoek With Naturally Tasty Savoury Mince

A great traditional favourite! With a meaty filling of mince, onions, peas and carrots flavoured with KNORR Naturally Tasty Spaghetti Bolognese, these delicious made-from-scratch vetkoek will bring the family flocking to the table.

Spicy Tripe Curry

Tripe is a traditional local delicacy that’s loved in many South African homes. Along with peppers, onions, tomatoes and potatoes to thicken the base, it becomes a tasty Mogodu (tripe curry). Try out this heartwarming curry and enjoy its rich flavours with some pap or dumplings.

Simple Tomato Bredie

This special dish has Malay origins, which means you can be sure it’s beautifully fragranced with spices. Our tomato bredie uses cinnamon and cloves, along with chilli for an extra kick. Our famous KNORR Brown Onion Soup thickens the sweet, tomatoey base and adds so much extra flavour.


This flavour-packed relish was born in the South African townships. It’s a fantastic accompaniment to stews and sishebos, and what’s even better is that you can make it in advance and leave it in the fridge for the flavours to develop. You’ll often find chakalaka enjoyed with pap, or with samp and beans, but it’s also served with braaied meat and bread.

Layered Chicken Breyani

In South Africa, everyone knows an aunty who makes a mean breyani. Our Layered Chicken Breyani is packed with flavours – mint, garlic, ginger, curry leaves, tumeric, coriander, cumin, and many more herbs and spices that make up the distinctive aromatic notes in this labour of love. If you’re looking for something similar that you can whip up in a flash, try our Quick and Easy Chicken Breyani.

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