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What to Do With Leftover Salad

What to Do With Leftover Salad

They say three is a charm, and at What’s for Dinner we're here to prove it with a trio of tantalising leftover salad recipe ideas that will bring the life back to your leftover salad greens. When it comes to salads, we all instantly think fresh equals flavourful - and thus only a six-minute old salad will do. Well, today we are smashing this salad myth with our triple threat of tangy, fun and fresh leftover salad ideas.

Why opt to makeover your leftover salad bits, you may wonder. The answer is our secret ingredient - a smooth sensation that makes any salad sing, Hellmann’s mayonnaise. Ditch the wastage for a culinary win with our leftover salad recipes, brought to life with the tangy, tongue-pleasing goodness of Hellmann’s mayo.

Leftover Salad Recipes

Give these three leftover salad recipes a try and rediscover the flavourful wonder of your salad ingredients brought to life.

Rainbow Bean and Feta Buddha Bowl

A delicious way to have you well on your way to getting your 5-a-day, this rainbow bean and feta buddha bowl will highlight all your leftover salad, courtesy of the Hellmann’s creamy mayo harmoniously bringing your veggies together.

Be it black beans, chickpeas, beetroot, lentils or corn, this buddha bowl bursts with nutritional goodness only matched by the delectable flavour of your own signature medley of your leftover salad mix. Add to that a few spoonfuls of Hellmann’s mayonnaise for a tasty, tangy twist to make this buddha bowl one to remember.

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Veggie Croquettes

Have you been stressing about a creative way to use up the last of those pumpkin and peppers from your roast veggie summer salad? Fear not, because once again Hellmann’s is to the rescue with a crunchy croquette recipe, sure to revive those leftover veggies and satisfy the ravenous.

These veggie croquettes are a true treat, no matter the occasion. Not only bringing the leftover veggies and potato together into a fluffy, delectable, creamy combo, Hellmann’s sumptuous and smooth mayonnaise will round this delicious snack off, serving as a zingy dip on the side. Get into these bite-sized beauties for a leftover salad sensation that might have you making extra salad on purpose.

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Potato Patties

The potato salad you made a few nights ago was a hit - no doubt it was because you added a swirl of Hellmann’s mayonnaise for a delightfully satisfying smooth and savoury potato salad. But what to do now with those extra potatoes that didn't make the cut? Cue the leftover legend, Hellmann’s mayo, to hero your leftover spuds.

This creative mix of creamy Hellmann’s mayonnaise combined with your leftover potatoes, is a tastebud teaser that will keep you coming for more. The crunchy, golden coating provides a delicate cloak for the flavourful, fluffy mayo and mashed potato clouds inside, with coriander and spring onion slices ensuring these potatoes are a crowd pleaser.

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The next time you have leftover salad bits in your fridge, instead of chucking them out, reinvent your salad ingredients with a bit of Hellmann’s mayonnaise, to bring life to your leftovers. Spoil your taste buds with our flavourful, tangy mayo twists for your leftover salad ingredients.

For more memorable mayo ideas for your leftover salads, visit What’s for Dinner, here.

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