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What Salads You Can Serve At Your Braai

What Salads You Can Serve At Your Braai

As the warmer weather creeps in, few things say Spring quite like splashing around and getting cool in a swimming pool, soaking up some sunshine, and the sizzling sound of a braai nearby. There’s nothing like the smoky, savoury, flame-grilled flavour of your favourite meat and veggies cooked on a braai.

But the truth is that no braai is complete without some sensational side dishes to go alongside all that braai food. Fortunately, when it comes to what side dishes to serve with a braai, the only limitation is the ingredients you have available in your kitchen!

So whether pap and braaied meat is your thing or a large loaf of garlic bread is your go-to, the options are endless for tasty sides you can add to your braai.

It’s undeniable though that because of all the meat - unless you opt for a vegan braai - braai food can make for quite a heavy meal. Don’t worry though because by serving a refreshing salad with your braai eats, you’ll add an element of freshness to your braai dishes. Read on as we unpack some delightful and delicious salad recipe ideas.

Sensational Salads for Your Braai

As far as South African traditions go, braais are top-tier! The flavour, full feeling and time spent with family around the braai fire are just some of the things so many of us love about this local cooking technique. Balancing your braai meal with a dish that’s light and refreshing like a salad is a tasty way to add some freshness and nutrition to your braai for a well-balanced meal.

A vibrant, flavoursome salad is great not only for the vegans and veggie-lovers at your braai to enjoy but for adding some colour, crunch, texture and exciting flavours to your braai day. So let’s get into some simple recipes for the perfect salads to serve with braai meat.

The Best Salads to Serve With Braai Meat

Spicy Potato Salad

When it comes to classic braai salads, a scrumptious potato salad is sure to come to mind. And this potato salad with a spicy twist is sure to satisfy. The delightful creaminess of this salad serves as the perfect complement to the salty, savoury flavours of your braai meat, while the warm heat from the curry powder seasoning tickles your taste buds. This Spicy Potato Salad is certainly a must-try.

Summer Avo, Feta and Couscous Salad

With this summer avo, feta and couscous salad recipe, we’re giving the traditional green salad a bit of an upgrade. The richness of the avocado and savoury feta, the sweet juiciness of the cherry tomatoes and the delicious and nutritious mix of couscous and lentils, make this a salad you’ll want to tuck into.


Is it really a braai if there’s no coleslaw? We think not! Give this yummy, crunchy coleslaw recipe a try at your next braai. It’s so simple to make and yet so tasty. Make sure you make a lot because a salad this good is sure to run out!


For a true celebration of South African cuisine, chakalaka and braai meat are the perfect local treat. Filled with so many flavours we love and adding some satisfying heat and robust flavour to your meal, your guests will thank you when they try this salad. For added convenience, prepare your chakalaka the day before.

When it comes to planning your braai dishes, it’s not about, ‘what are the most popular salads for a braai?’ but rather about the delicious flavour profiles you want to create for your gathering.

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