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What Makes Aromat a South African Classic?

What Makes Aromat a South African Classic?

From boerewors on the braai and bunny chows to mogodu Mondays and 7 colour Sundays, there are some meals that are simply South African classics. But if we look into the pantries and spice racks of homes around the country, did you know there’s also a classic Mzansi seasoning that’s been trusted for decades to deliver #unbelievableflavour to a variety of meals? That seasoning is Aromat!

Since the 1950s, the Aromat seasoning range has been sprinkling its magic on dishes across the nation to transform them from bland to bursting with flavour. If you've ever wondered what makes Aromat seasoning such a local classic, join us as we unpack how Aromat became a trusted name in bringing big, bold flavours South Africans love, to every plate.

A Taste of Mzansi with Aromat Seasonings

Whether it’s a flaming hot Durban curry, ichicken dust from Soweto or sticky koeksisters from Cape Town, if there’s something we can say about South Africa’s food scene, it’s that it’s vibrant, diverse and full of deliciousness. That’s why finding seasonings that are versatile enough to partner with and add tastiness to all the wonderful foods our country has to offer is essential when it comes to local cooking. That’s where the Aromat seasoning range comes in.

The Aromat Fah-Fah Mzansi Trusts for Unbelievable Flavour

Starting with the Aromat Original seasoning and then growing to add more and more unbelievably tasty flavours to the range over the years, Aromat has been a reliable seasoning solution since the beginning. That’s why when it comes to ways to make meals mnandi, so many South Africans will fah-fah some trusted Aromat on our food for guaranteed flavour. Better yet, because Aromat is all about your well-being, we made our range with 40% less sodium than table salt, so that you can faka unbelievable flavour knowing it's healthier for you.

With a selection of five fantastic Aromat flavours to choose from, you’re sure to always find the perfect flavour to help you make your food taste so good that everyone will want the recipe. From the Aromat Original flavour to the Aromat Naturally Tasty seasoning, no matter the meal, there’s an Aromat seasoning you can use to bring out the unbelievable flavour in every dish.

From adding Aromat spice to make your bobotie taste ncaa to using it to season steak for a mouthwatering taste, Aromat is the all-purpose season that understands the flavours South Africans love. And that’s what makes Aromat seasoning a South African classic!

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