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Ways To Make Your Family Get-Together "Wow"

Ways To Make Your Family Get-Together "Wow"

It’s your turn to host again and you are stressed and wondering how you’re going to beat your cousin’s bash last month. Well, never fear. The knorrox team has come up with 4 affordable ways to take your next event from yawn to yoh-yoh-yoh!

1. Pick a Theme:

If it’s appropriate to the event, why not make it a themed one? Ask people to dress-up according to the theme and make foods that match it. For instance, on Heritage Day, ask your family and friends to arrive wearing their traditional clothes and cook traditional meals like the Knorrox’s Traditional Istambu

2. Get someone you know to DJ:

We all have a budding DJ somewhere close by. Why not give them their first gig at your party? Nothing makes a great event like a DJ that can read the room and pump out the classics and the new hits to please the crowd.

3. Make Space:

The key to a successful party is to ensure that everyone has enough space to enjoy themselves, nothing is worse than not knowing where to “put” yourself as a guest. So, look at your home and make sure that the furniture is arranged in a way that makes the most of the space you have. Shuffle things around and put away things that you won’t use on the day if you need to.

4. Decorate:

Another tip is to decorate your venue with some special touches. If it’s Valentine’s Day, cut out hearts and place them on the walls. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it just takes a little planning and creativity to make a splash on the day.

Do you have any unique party-planning tips? Connect with us and tell your story.

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