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Warming Vegetarian Curries For Winter

Warming Vegetarian Curries For Winter

There is nothing quite like a heart-warming vegetarian curries on a cold winter’s night. The historical Indian influence in South Africa as well as the fact that we were geographically located on the spice route, firmly embedded curry culture in our local cuisine. Curry is enjoyed across the nation, by people from all backgrounds far and wide.

These days many South Africans are choosing to go meat-free and are looking for winter curry recipes for vegetarians that taste every bit as good as their meaty counterparts. Vegetarian curry can be filling, wholesome and delicious, as well as cheaper than meat options. Additionally, vegetables cook quicker than meat which means a veggie curry is ideal for a weeknight when you need to be quick on your feet in putting dinner on the table. Vegetarian curries are also nourishing because they can pack in many different types of vegetables which contribute to your 5-a-day.

Four Meat-Free, Winter Curry Recipes

So, how can you cook the best vegetarian curry in South Africa this evening? We bring you four vegetarian winter curry recipes that will warm your home this winter.

1. Roasted Veggie Vindaloo Curry
2. Cost Effective Sugar Bean Curry
3. Quick to Prepare Cauliflower Bean Curry
4. Creamy Veggie Curry with Roti

1. Roasted Veggie Vindaloo Curry

Garlic and ginger are undoubtedly the key ingredients to a mouth-watering winter curry menu. Marinating and flavouring this Veggie Vindaloo Curry with garlic and ginger is a dream team that brings out the delicious taste of all the roasted vegetables in the dish.

Talking about veggies - this recipe gives you the freedom to choose whatever veggies you’d like to add to your pot. Why not toss in a little butternut or sweet potato for a rich, caramelised taste? Or go green with broccoli, leeks and sugar snap peas. With mustard powder and vinegar in the mix, a sweet, acidic flavour is created.

This meat-free vegetable winter curry feast can be served with a dollop of yogurt to tame the warmth that Rajah Hot Curry Powder brings to the plate. Serve this hot veggie curry with poppadums for a moreish winter meal.

2. Cost Effective Sugar Bean Curry

An end-of-the-month lifesaver, this Sugar Bean Curry is not only cost-effective but also nutritious. Incorporating two cups of dried sugar beans, this vegetarian curry recipe will give your family a big helping of protein without breaking the bank on lamb or beef.

With 478 calories per serving, this veggie curry is a great family meal. It is ideal for younger members of the family, because it has a sweet tomatoey base and a mild heat thanks to Rajah Mild & Spicy Curry Powder. To finish it off, add a sprig of coriander and a squeeze of lemon to your dish.

3. Quick To Prepare Cauliflower Bean Curry

Since beans are both delicious and nutritious, we have decided to bring you another bean curry recipe. This time we introduced a humble can of baked beans to an iron-rich handful of green beans to create a saucy Cauliflower Bean Curry.

With cauliflower florets, green beans, and garlic, this vegetarian curry ticks all the flavour boxes. Rajah Medium Curry Powder gives the curry a little kick. What is more, this recipe only takes about 20 minutes to prepare so you won’t be stuck in the kitchen too long in order to serve this yummy winter meal to the people you love.

4. Creamy Veggie Curry With Roti

Coconut milk is the ingredient that gives this vegetable curry recipe its delectable, creamy texture. This Veggie Curry with Roti is a real crowd-pleaser, perfect to serve at a dinner party. Rajah Flavourful & Mild Curry Powder, cloves and fresh chillies bring out a range of flavour in the carrots, onions and cauliflower florets that make up the dish.

With lentils adding to the protein base of the sauce you simply cannot deny the wholesome, creamy sensation this vegetable curry brings to your mouth. For a more authentic experience serve this typically South Indian dish with roti, desiccated coconut, and spicy vegetable atchar on the side.

Put A Smile On Your Face This Winter

Most South Africans love eating curry, but if you were not brought up with it at home and you need a little extra guidance check out this article: Tips For The Perfect Curry where we help you hone your curry-making skills. We hope that these four divine meat-free recipes we shared with you this month will warm your home and put a smile on your face this winter.

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