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Tips for the Perfect Curry

Tips for the Perfect Curry

Whether it is the tricky combination of spices, or even getting the base sauce just right, cooking that perfect, spicy and aromatic curry can be daunting for some. That is why we’ve formulated some handy tips to give you the confidence to cook your favourite curry, with ease.

1. Use fresh spices
For the best results, always try to use fresh spices. If you open a spice bottle and the powder smells musty, or there's not a burst of aroma, it’s best to buy a fresh bottle.

2. Give the spices a toast
If you're grinding up whole spices for curries, lightly toast them in a dry frying pan first to release their fragrance. This works wonders when you’re making a butter chicken recipe.

3. Wrap up your whole spices
Whole spices such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and star anise can be tied into a little bag made of clean cotton or cheesecloth and popped into the bubbling curry. It's not always pleasant to bite into a whole clove or cardamom!

4. Blitz your tomatoes
If you're making a curry with a fresh tomato base, there's no need to waste time chopping tomatoes. Simply blitz them to a pulp in a food processor, pour the pulp into your pot and then add your ginger, garlic and spices. Simmer the tomatoes for 45 minutes or until the sauce has thickened and darkened to a deep red.

5. Onions are the key
Onions form the base of any memorable curry sauce. When cooking onions for curries, use plenty of oil and fry them until they are a rich, deep golden colour for maximum flavour.

6. Don’t overcook your chicken
If you're making a curry with skinless chicken breasts, be sure not to overcook them, which will make them tough. Cook your curry sauce first until it's rich and reduced, then pop the chicken slices in 10 minutes or so before you're ready to serve.

7. Keep your garlic and ginger fresh
Freshly minced garlic and ginger are best in curries. The quickest way to process garlic is to grate it on a sharp micro plane. For a large quantity of ginger, use the coarse teeth of a cheese grater.

8. Add exciting toppings
Choose a selection of cool toppings that contrast well with the rich spiciness of your curry - plain yoghurt, fresh coriander, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, or for a retro 1970s twist, sliced bananas!

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