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Vegan Braai Ideas

Vegan Braai Ideas

You are already a fan of vegan food and coming up with inventive ways to breathe life into your favourite vegetables is a flavourful endeavour you thoroughly enjoy. But as much as you may have opted for the plant-based side of life, when it comes to braai foods, for a lot of people, meat matters.

But, just because you are vegan, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the joys of this longstanding South African tradition, because at What’s For Dinner, we’re kicking things up a notch with some sensational vegan braai recipes. So good, even the meat eaters will be queuing to plate up.

All that’s left is for you to unlock the delicious rich chicken flavour with the right cooking method for scrumptious, falling off the bone goodness.

What Can a Vegan Eat at a Braai?

It may surprise you but there are a host of options at your disposal when it comes to delicious vegan braai foods and recipes. Whether you are adding a twist to a traditional braai salad, reaching for meat replacements or making the most out of the vegetables you have at home, brainstorming braai ideas for vegans has never been easier.

Here are some of our favourite vegan braai ideas that will accentuate your vegetables and have you loving your scrumptious vegan braai creations:

Braai Baked Sweet Potato

We’re not saying toss out the mielies, but how about you give another versatile veggie the chance to shine at your braai. This is an easy to make treat that is simply delectable. The velvety texture of the braai charred sweet potato marries with the creaminess of your favourite vegan butter for a braai baked sensation.

Make this dish your own with a mix of your own spices and create a signature flavour that might have you forgoing the grilled mielies altogether.

View the full Braai Baked Sweet Potato recipe now.

Vegan Burger with Garlic Sweet Potato Wedges

Some may argue that your braai is not complete without a burger patty or two dripping its juices over an open flame. You don’t have to give up on the classics just because you decided to go meat free. Instead, tuck into this juicy burger with a vegan spin.

With a chickpea and corn patty, you are sure to get the meaty texture you may desire, just in a healthier, robustly flavoured vegan version. You can still enjoy the smokey pleasure of a braai burger with this yummy vegan twist.

View the full Vegan Burger with Garlic Sweet Potato Wedges now.

Mushroom Steaks

Controversial opinion, but it’s not the meat that makes the steak. The juiciness, flavour and oh so beautiful grill marks you get on steaks can largely be attributed to its wide surface area. Meaning that you can still enjoy this braai favourite, all you need is the right sized vegetable.

Give these mushroom steaks a try for savoury, juicy and satisfying vegan braai food. View the full Mushroom Steaks recipe now.

Braai Toasties

You can’t mention a braai without mentioning braai toasties, or as they’re called if you know them personally - braai broodjies. With so many variations of this beloved braai classic, your options are really endless when it comes to finding a vegan braai broodjies recipe that works for you.

View the full Braai Toasties recipe now. We have a variety of Vegan inspired dishes at What's for Dinner. View our vegan dietary today.

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