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Tuna Salad Ideas

Tuna Salad Ideas

There’s just something about the good old tuna salad, isn’t there? With any base you can think of, light salty flakes of delectable tuna, all bound together with rich, creamy mayo, always ensures a summery main or side that’s as rich in protein and as healthy as it is scrumptious.
So, apart from the gold standard tuna salad – basically a Greek salad with tuna added – there are a couple more iterations you can try, to bring new levels of lovely to that old favourite.

At What’s For Dinner, we have two new takes on the tuna salad that we’re sure you’ll be adding to your recipe book as soon as you’ve tried them. What’s different about these? Well, you obviously can’t have tuna salad in any form, without a good dollop of mayo – and we use the savoury, creamy tang of Hellmann’s mayonnaise in ours.
Because Hellmann’s always brings out the best.

Tuna Salad Recipe Ideas

Let’s dive in so you can tuck in.

Creamy Avocado and Tuna Salad

First up, a teaming up of avocado and tuna – and oh, what a winning team it is. This one has a real Mediterranean spin though – balsamic, watercress, coriander, spring onion and feta join in a fusion of delightful acidity. And then our hero, the tuna, adds that salty delectability to it all. Lastly, our secret ingredient – Hellmann’s mayo, to bind all of these flavours together in a creamy, savoury embrace.
It’s a healthy, light yet satisfying tuna salad, and it’ll make you feel like you’re having lunch on a Grecian isle.

Get the recipe.

Summer rice salad with tuna

Rice? Tuna salad? Can the two become one? Yes, they surely can. Case in point, our summer rice salad with tuna.

The heartiness of a base made from plump rice kernels, sets the tone for this one – a spin on the classic tuna salad that could, in itself, be a very satisfying meal. The trick here, though, is to not overdue the mix.

The rice is topped off with a smattering of corn kernels, some finely chopped spring onions, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and the obligatory diced avocado. Of course, next is the tuna to add that pescatarian panache. To cap it all, though, you may be thinking, what’s next? A light vinaigrette, perhaps? On the contrary, this one can only benefit from a good helping of creamy mayo – so follow the recipe below, and then add that Hellmann’s mayo to the mix. Trust us, this one’s the king of tuna salads.

Get the recipe

There you have it – two stellar, scrumptious, moreish, heavenly takes on the trusty tuna salad. These are sure to go down a treat, in any mealtime situation. Don’t forget Hellmann's mayonnaise, though – tuna salad in any form, just wouldn’t be the same without it.
Are you hankering for more salads? Check out the What’s For Dinner salad recipe page here.

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