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Rich, meaty taste for the strength to take on tomorrow

Try These Popular Winter Recipes

Try These Popular Winter Recipes

As the cooler weather kicks in, you shouldn’t have to waste time trying to figure out, ‘what should I cook in the evening in winter?’. Instead, spend that time cosying up with your family as you tuck into a winter-warming meal together and let the delicious meal help you melt the winter cold away. Coming up with meal ideas to make throughout the winter though can be a bit hard. As the sun starts to set earlier and earlier, and the weather changes, the days become shorter too.

This means you’ll have even less time to come up with delicious dinner ideas that will fill the family and help warm you up. If you’ve been wondering what to make when it's cold out, wonder no more because Knorrox and What’s For Dinner are sharing some wonderful winter warmer recipes.

Melt the Winter Away with a Rich, Meaty Taste

When the weather starts to get cooler, the foods we want to eat tend to change too. So while in summer you might have enjoyed a dish like this Roasted Vegetables and Fresh Pesto Penne Pasta, in winter you’d probably prefer a rich and hearty dish like a meaty stew or soup. With Knorrox, no matter what you’re craving, as long as it’s the rich, meaty taste you want, the Knorrox range of stock powders, cubes, soups and spices has got you covered.

So whether it’s a vegetable soup or meatless winter dish, trust Knorrox to give your meals a rich, nyama taste. Now that you have the secret ingredient to meals with a great meaty taste, read on for our 3 best winter warmer recipes to help you keep the winter cold away in the tastiest way!

Delicious Winter Warmer Dishes

Hearty Beef Pie

A hearty pie is a perfect dish to satisfy the family during the winter. With the delicious taste of Knorrox Beef Flavoured Stock Powder enriching the beef filling, this pie is full of mouth-watering meaty flavour that will keep the family asking for more. So, give this winter warmer recipe a try to give your family a winter treat.

Get the recipe here.

Knorrox Hearty Lentil and Potato Hot Pot

This meatless dish will quickly become a family favourite for vegetable and meat-lovers alike because of the punch of rich, hearty, meaty flavour it packs. When making winter meals, when you can create a meal that’s both delicious and nutritious, your family can enjoy a warming meal made up of great food that’s good for them too. So try this tasty recipe to nourish your family with the nutrients they need to keep them feeling strong and satisfied throughout the winter.

Get the recipe here.


It doesn’t get more mnandi than this mouth-watering Mzansi favourite. The stewing mutton or stewing beef is slow-cooked to perfection, soaking up the rich, meaty taste of the Knorrox Beef Stock Cube broth. The result is juicy, melt-in-your-mouth meat that’s so tasty you’ll find the family licking their fingers to make sure they don’t miss any of the deliciousness! Serve with steamed bread or phuthu pap for a meal that will make you forget it’s winter!

Get the recipe here.

Feeding the family this winter doesn’t have to be tough. Simply visit What’s For Dinner today for winter-warming meal inspiration.

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