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Top 10 Food Essentials To Have In Your Trolley

Top 10 Food Essentials To Have In Your Trolley

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Thanks to South Africa’s recent history of looting and rioting 2021 and the COVID-19 pandemic that hit our shores in early 2020, most people have become acutely aware of the need to have a stockpile of essential foods at home in case of emergency.

Whether it was to avoid going to the shops or in cases where people were unable to leave their homes, having a good stock of grocery essentials in the pantry is a wise idea. So, if you’re a forward-planning fanatic, it’s a good idea to have a list an emergency food list stockpile that you have at home, just in case.

We’ve put together our list of the ten most essential food items to buy in preparation for crisis or emergency.

What is the Best Food to Stockpile? What Foods Should you Stockpile for an Emergency?

Planning a list of the best survival foods to stock up on can be daunting. Let us guide you now, with our top ten foods to have in your trolley this year.

Legumes and Beans

Buying tinned or dried legumes like lentils, and beans and chickpeas is at the top of our stockpile list. Tinned legumes and beans can be kept in the pantry for months on end without going off but should be used within a few days of opening them. Dried versions are even better because they will last a very long time. They are also excellent sources of protein and nutrition.


Oats is also a long-lasting store cupboard item that is often a firm favourite with the family. Can be used to make porridge for breakfast or making rusks or crunchies when baking too.


Honey is a wonderful sugar alternative that is healthy, tasty and will also last relatively long if kept in the right conditions. It’s highly nutritious and can be used as a topping for breakfasts and salads, in cups of tea and coffee, or even to bake with.

Tea and Coffee

Speaking of tea, it is always wise when stockpiling to make sure you have a few boxes of tea and coffee on hand. A house that’s run out of caffeine is not going to be a pleasant one! The good thing about tea and coffee is also that if you do not have fresh milk, it can still be enjoyed without it.

Tinned Foods

Apart from legumes and beans, collecting tins of tinned foods is the most ideal way to stock up your pantry for times of emergency. Opt for high calorie, tasty tins like baked beans, sweetcorn, and other tinned vegetables as well as supplementary ingredients like tinned tomatoes and onions that will enable you to cook hearty meals with.

Dry Wors

This is a good South African favourite to stock up on because it can last a long time in the right conditions too. Go to your local butcher and ask them to vacuum pack quantities of dry wors and biltong so that it can last longer.


In times of crisis, the availability of water is uncertain. We recommend always having a few litres of bottled water in your trolley to keep at home (to be kept in a cool, shaded environment) for times when your home might be cut off from water. Bottled water can also be used for washing dishes and bathing with, if necessary, too.

Fruits and Vegetables

Even though stockpiling generally recommends not buying anything with a shelf life, it is essential to always have some fresh fruits and vegetables on hand. Opt for fruits and veggies that have a harder outer skin that can be kept in the pantry for a few weeks like butternut, gem squash, beetroot, potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, oranges, grapefruits and lemons.


Keeping fish in times of crisis is probably best done in the form of tinned fish. You can get high quality tinned fish options like tuna, salmon and trout that will be able to last long in a cool, dry pantry.


Having a few cuts of meat in the freezer is a good idea as you never know when you might need it. If shopping at your local butcher or supermarket, opt for meat that has been vacuum packed which will enable them to last longer in the freezer.

The essential thing to remember when planning for a crisis, is not to panic. Simply buy the ingredients and food items you need for your family and never go overboard or buy in excess. Choose foods that have a good shelf life and remember to store them in a cool, dry pantry for the best results.

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