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Tips For Stokvel Bulk Grocery Buying

Tips For Stokvel Bulk Grocery Buying

Grocery shopping can be expensive. If you buy too much of one item, it may begin to go off before you have a chance to cook or eat it, and as a result, you end up having to throw the food away. Fortunately, there’s a local solution that can help you reduce food wastage and save money too - a stokvel. Stokvels have long been a part of South African culture, with groups of people coming together and pooling their resources so that they could make it through tough economic times or make their money go further.

This is why grocery stokvels are an ideal solution to help you get more out of your money while also reducing the amount of food and groceries you waste.If you’re considering starting a grocery stokvel or you’ve already joined one but aren’t sure how to make the most of your stokvel’s bulk grocery buying, worry no more. What’s For Dinner has some top tips to help you make the most out of your grocery stokvel and shop like a stokvel pro. Let’s explore!

What is a Stokvel

A stokvel is a type of savings club where people put their money and resources together to create a collective fund that is used to invest in or buy the goods and items the stokvel was created for. This is why today you can find a wide variety of different types of stokvels in South Africa such as property, holiday and investment stokvels.

How Does a Stokvel Work?

Stokvels work by clubs of individual members contributing a lump sum of money to the stokvel either weekly or monthly. After the money is collected, it is distributed to members as needed or according to a schedule. With grocery stokvels, the stokvel group uses the money collected to bulk buy grocery items that will then be divided amongst the members. This can be quite cost-effective as often retailers offer significant discounts for bulk grocery buying.

Preparation – A Step by Step

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Tips for Stokvel Bulk Grocery Buying

Here are 8 tips to help you bulk buy with your grocery stokvel:

1. Start by making a list of the most commonly used items in your home. This will help ensure that you don’t buy items you won’t use, which will help you avoid waste.

2. Keep an eye out for bulk grocery specials and promotions as many stores often offer discounts on bulk items.

3. While looking out for promotions and discounts, be sure to research before you shop. The discounted price a particular store offers may not be the best deal you can get for a particular item. So research and compare prices before you buy.

4. Make sure to store your bulk grocery purchases properly to ensure that the food stays fresh and doesn't go to waste. So after you shop, store your items in cool, dry places and use air-tight containers to keep your food fresh and keep pests out.

5. When buying your grocery items, make sure you check the expiry dates of the goods so that you purchase items with a later expiry date so they last longer. Be mindful of the expiry dates though to ensure you use the items before they expire.

6. Consider bulk grocery buying online through large online retailers, as you may find that the prices are cheaper than in-store.

7. Keep track and make a record of the grocery purchases you’ve made through the stokvel, how much they cost and how much you saved so that you can budget and plan better for future purchases.

8. Have fun and enjoy the savings you will make as a part of your stokvel community!

Joining a grocery stokvel is a great way to save money and get the groceries you need. So if you haven’t already, consider joining a grocery stokvel today and watch your savings grow!

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