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The Ideal Winter Meal Planner

The Ideal Winter Meal Planner

A perfect way to save some time, money and brain power this winter season, a winter meal planner is every cook's answer to that age-old, all-season question of “What’s for dinner?”

With the start of any season comes the foods, moods, clothing and activities of the period too. Which in winter usually means delicious, saucy stews, creamy curries, hearty pies, potjies and pasta dishes, and belly-warming bowls of soup.

While we may all agree that cold weather is perfect for your favourite indulgent comfort foods, figuring out what to cook throughout the winter season can still be quite a task.

So, this winter, why not wow your family and friends or even just treat yourself with our tasty winter meal planner with meal ideas to keep you satisfied and warm all season long.

Winter Meal Plan Ideas

How Do I Start Planning My Meals For Winter?

To get started with your winter meal plan, you need to settle on some core recipe ideas so that you can get going on your winter meal prep. A good way to brainstorm is by thinking of your favourite winter meals to give you an idea of what meals will be permanent fixtures on your meal guide, so that you can start stocking up on those ingredients.

We would recommend planning for 2 stews, 2 pastas, 2 soups and one wild card meal to feature every week.

If you feel like something different on the day, don’t hesitate to switch it up. The meal planner is only meant to serve as a guide so that you don’t get stuck dealing with grumbling tummies at the end of a cold winter’s day.

What Are The Factors To Consider In Planning Winter Meals?

1. When you’re planning for your winter meals, an important factor to consider is, well, the weather. Eating by the season means taking into consideration and eating from the foods that are naturally available during the particular season. So, when you’re putting your winter meal guide together, think about how you can incorporate seasonal foods into your dishes for added flavour in a way that’s good for the planet.

2. Another factor to remember when compiling your winter meal guide is to keep it simple! The whole point of creating a winter meal plan is to help make it easier and quicker for you to accomplish. So while you should have some super flavourful meals on the menu, think about delicious one-pot meals or scrumptious casserole dishes you can make in a flash, without losing out on mouth-watering flavour.

Winter Meal Ideas

Once you’ve decided on your core winter meals with the seasonal ingredients in mind, and stocked up on the necessary ingredients, all that’s left is for you to dedicate some time to get these meals done. If you prefer to pop ready-made meals in the microwave over cooking a fresh meal every night, then meal prepping is your friend. Not to mention, it will save you a lot of time and energy during a busy week.

To help get you started with your perfect winter meal plan, here are 2 mouth-watering winter recipes for you to try.

Roast Pork Belly with Apple Cream Sauce - succulent pork belly with a slightly sweet apple cream sauce, this winter meal paired with some creamy mashed potatoes makes for a delicious dish to cosy up with on a cold winter evening.

Vegan Cottage Pie - keep things healthy with this exceptional vegan cottage pie, packed to the brim with delightful, hearty flavour. Have a memorable Meatless Monday with this melt in your mouth cottage pie. Trust us, you’ll love it.

Cooking in winter doesn’t have to be a mission. Simply follow the tips in our guide and welcome winter meals that are full of flavour to satisfy the whole family. So explore our winter warmer recipes to find winter meal ideas to fill up your meal planner.

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