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Stock Cubes: A Convenient Way to Boost Flavour

Stock Cubes: A Convenient Way to Boost Flavour

Few moments in life are as precious as sharing wholesome food with those you love – it often conjures up memories of music, laughter, and great flavours. Watching your children while they dance, clap hands or sing is one of life’s greatest joys. But just as songs are nothing without a steady beat the same goes for food. Stock cubes bring flavour to a meal in the same way a beat brings rhythm to music - it just not the same without it.

If you want your meal to sing with meatiness there is one particular stock cube you can trust: Knorrox Stock Cubes​. Today we will show you just how easy these stock cubes are to use and how you can add an irresistible, meaty sauce to your meal, that will be like music to your tastebuds..

How to Use a Stock Cube

One of the best things about Knorrox cubes is that they are simple to use. You only need to dissolve a Knorrox cube in 250ml of boiling water and that’s that! Now you have delicious stock to use as a foundation for your dish. Pour the stock in to enhance the savoury flavour of bean stews, soups or curry mince vetkoeks.

For a tasty recipe try: Knorrox One-Pot Savoury Mince Rice​.​ A single Knorrox Stock Cube​ added to the pot creates an appetising sauce that penetrates the spinach, carrots, red peppers and green peppers, giving it that strong taste of nyama. This recipe is also brimming with veggies - good for your family’s health.​

Flavour that Goes Far

It’s hard to believe that such a small stock cube can transform a big pot of food, but with Knorrox you can’t go wrong. Knorrox has been trusted for generations to bring communities together and strengthen family bonds over simmering pots of thick, rich broth.

You can rely on Knorrox Stock Cubes​to give your traditional favourite a “yomelele” meatiness. Knorrox cubes might be small, but they pack a powerful punch in the kitchen.​ Knorrox Stock Cubes​ are available in packs of two (20g), six (60g), 12 (120g), 24 (240g), 36 (360g) or you can buy a container of 144 (1.44kg). A pack of 36 stock cubes can last an entire month and because Knorrox cubes are strong in taste you need to use less of them.​

Because they last longer, you’ll have more money in your pocket at the end of the month.

When it comes to flavour you also need versatility. Just like you get tired of listening to the same song over and over, so you need a variety of interesting flavours to inspire your daily dishes. Again, Knorrox Stock Cubes​ comes through for us, with a large variety of flavours:​

There is no end to the variety of satisfying meals you can create with such a wide range of flavours.​

Look how cleverly Knorrox Chicken Stock Cubes​ ​are used in this recipe to add strong flavour: Ox Liver with Tomato and PapKnorrox Soya Mince​ stretches the meat component of the meal so you don’t end up spending a fortune on ingredients, but still enjoy a filling supper. The chicken stock then ties everything together in a saucy delight.​

Caring for Your Health

When you cook with Knorrox Stock Cubes​ ​ you can rest assured that your family members’ bellies are being filled with nourishing goodness. Without compromising on taste, we have reduced the salt in all our Knorrox Stock Cubes. According to the South African Heart Foundation, a diet with reduced salt can help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of a heart attack. We want South Africans to be healthy and strong which is why our stock cubes are crafted with more herbs and spices and less salt.​

Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes​ only contains 8kCal per serving - more evidence that we are committed to your health.​ For a nourishing meal that will have your guests smiling from ear to ear try: Spicy Pilchard Macaroni Bake​ using Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes​. This recipe only takes 35 minutes to prepare and is simple to follow - ideal for a quick lunch or when neighbours drop by at dinner time.​

The Music In Your Mouth

Just as music would be incomplete without a good beat, food can be bland when you don’t add nyama flavour. Ziphekele kamnandi with Knorrox Stock Cubes to create heart-warming meals that will be like music in your mouth.

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