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Spicy Vegan Meals with Extra Flavour

Spicy Vegan Meals with Extra Flavour

Who says a vegan meal can’t be spicy? Not us. But there has been some speculation among those not in the know, that vegan curries, vegan stews, and some other favourites like a good hummus-based meal, can’t ever really be called spicy. The heat just doesn’t have the same effect, apparently.

We’re here to confirm that all of that is simply not true. Why and how? Well, just because of the laws of flavour and seasoning.

Chilli is an ingredient found naturally – a berry, to be precise – and so there’s no reason why any vegan dish can’t be enhanced with a little bit of extra firey goodness.

We have a case in point here – three delicious vegan meals, all packed with an extra kick.

Which Spicy Vegan Meals Can I Try

The element of spice in a vegan dish, whatever it may be, is up to you. So, in fact, any vegan dish you make can be deemed a spicy one. If you need some staples, though, to add to your recipes, try these:

Vegan chilli with beans, chickpeas and lentils

Here’s a take on the good old Yankee chilli – only with chickpeas and lentils to accompany the black beans. That firey spike you seek is courtesy of the fresh chilli we’ve added to the mix here, along with some herbs and spices to take it to the next level. Also, every ingredient in this one should be in the pantry already.

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Spicy Hummus with Crispy Tortillas

We have the Middle East to thank for giving us the world’s most versatile vegan staple – hummus. This chickpea lead creation forms the bedrock for most of the dipping, smothering, layering, and toppings of the discerning vegan. This meal is a true homage to hummus’s origins, and with the spicy features we’ve added, it’ll satisfy that heat craving we’re talking about here, too. And we’ll let you in on a little secret – peanut butter also makes an appearance in this one. Intrigued?

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Spicy Chickpea Chana Masala

Chickpeas again, and we’re sure you’ll agree, we wouldn’t have it any other way. This is a chana masala, though, so we’re going to be making things extra spicy. For this one, raid the spice rack for cumin, cayenne pepper and curry powder. Let’s turn up the heat!

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And there you have it – three very easy ways to make spicy vegan meals. Remember, chillies, and most of the hot spices out there, are naturally occurring. So, any vegan dish can have a spicy kick, it just depends on your palate and preference. Get a little help from What’s For Dinner for more spicy vegan meals.

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