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Seasoning Swaps That'll Make Your Meals More Flavourful

Seasoning Swaps That'll Make Your Meals More Flavourful

The only meals that are allowed at the dinner table are ones packed with flavour and made with love. We know that it’s tough to make food taste great every single time. Knowing which seasoning to use and if the amount you’ve used is enough or too much, can all become overwhelming sometimes. If you’re tired of the same old seasonings that you’ve been using in every meal, Aromat is here to save the day (and your tastebuds).

Seasoning your food is maybe one of the most important steps in making delicious meals.

If ever your gogo told you one day that it’s your turn to recreate the traditional family dish, you can’t be sweating around a hot stove in a panic. Our guide to seasoning and seasoning swaps will take all the guesswork out of making your food taste amazing. We’ll show you how to use alternative seasonings that will add tons of flavour to your dishes without adding any extra fat. This way, you can impress gogo and your family and prove that you made that traditional family meal all on your own; Aromat was just a sidekick!

What Are Seasoning Swaps?

Seasoning swaps are when you trade out one spice for another. It can be swapping out salt and pepper for an all-purpose seasoning such as Aromat or replacing breadcrumbs with crushed cornflakes. The best part about learning how to cook is substituting ingredients for another. Let’s say for example you’re cooking up a batch of fried eggs and crispy bacon for brekkie, and then there’s no salt to be found. If you have Aromat, it makes for an eggcellent seasoning swap – you might even switch to Aromat and toss away the basics.

What Can I Substitute for Seasoning?

There are many seasonings that you can substitute for a different spice. Changing up herbs and spices is nothing new to the cooking world, it happens all the time! Even experienced chefs like to get their hands dirty (not literally) now and again and experiment with seasoning swaps.

When Should You Replace Seasonings?

All good things must come to an end at some point. And with your favourite range of seasonings, you’d be surprised to know that they don’t last as long as you think they do. There are two types of spice – ground and whole. Ground spices don’t last longer than six months, unfortunately; they lose their freshness very quickly. And a quick way to test this would be to smell each one and if it has no scent, it’s time to toss it. Whole spices can last up until 5 years and remain fresh.

How Do I Make My Own Seasoning Mix?

Making your seasoning mix is quite easy. If you’ve got the time and creativity and curiosity to make your seasoning mix, why not give it a try? You will need a coffee grinder to grind coarse seasonings such as peppercorns and dried leaves. Depending on the type of seasoning you’re trying to recreate, it’ll be fun to create your homemade seasoning mix. There’ll be plenty of trial and error before you perfect a mix, and if not, Aromat is always here if you want an easy and super tasty seasoning mix.

How Do Seasoning Swaps Change the Flavour of Meals?

Seasoning swaps don’t make that much of a difference in comparison to not seasoning food at all. There might be a slight taste difference, but it will be very subtle. This also depends on the amount of seasoning you use. If you use too much, it could overpower the flavour of the meal completely and leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Be sure to read the recipe carefully so that your whole family can still sit down to enjoy the goodness.

Examples of Seasoning Swaps

Looking to spice up your cooking this year? Mix it up and try different types of seasoning swaps. Instead of purchasing pre-mixed spice blends, try fresher herbs and spices or have fun creating your DIY seasoning mix with Aromat.

Baba, there’s nothing better than a meal made with Aromat! Explore the world of flavour Aromat has to offer here.

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