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Quick And Easy Guide To Cleaning And Cooking Mogodu

Quick And Easy Guide To Cleaning And Cooking Mogodu

Millions of South Africans have been brought up with the traditional dish of Mogodu – also known as Mala Mogodu - a delicious stewy mix of tripe and intestines.

Memories of Mogodu being cooked for the whole community come streaming back when you inhale the rich aroma of a simmering Usu pot. This traditional Southern African dish has been part of our culture for many generations. Across the rainbow nation, from the foothills of the Magaliesberg to the Cape Flats, everyone has their favourite tripe recipe.

We’ve put together some helpful guidelines to assist you in preparing and cooking the best tripe recipes.

Cleaning Your Mogodu

Beef tripe or Ulusu has to be cleaned thoroughly before you can start cooking; cleaning Mogodu carefully also helps take away some of the odour. Every recipe for cooking mogodu starts with cleaning.

You will need:

• 3 tsp rock salt

• A new toothbrush

• A sharp knife

• White vinegar

• 1 tsp table salt


• Rub the Mogodu thoroughly with rock salt on the front and back.

• Use a sharp knife to scrape over the front and back to get rid of any impurities.

• Use the toothbrush to really work into the nooks and crannies of the Ulusu and clean out any pieces that you were unable to reach with the knife.

• Use the vinegar to rinse the rock salt off the tripe. The vinegar also disinfects it.

• Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a large pot of water and boil for 15 minutes.

Traditional Tripe For A Big Crowd

The best Mogodu recipes are usually ones that include many different flavour layers by adding high quality herbs and spices. A rich stock goes the distance in creating a sauce in which the Mogodu slowly cooks, absorbing all the flavours.

If you are a traditionalist catering for a large gathering, and want your tripe to taste like gogo’s version, try this Traditional Usu recipe. This tripe recipe serving 200 people is ideal to deliver a strong, meaty taste at a funeral, soccer match or birthday party. Dished up with generous servings of samp, it will feed a crowd in no time.

Go Asian With Your Usu

Want to try something unique with your tripe? Tripe is very popular in Asia and is celebrated as the national dish in Vietnam. Try an Asian spin on your recipe and get creative with Spicy Asian Tripe Stew with Pap incorporating flavourful ingredients like garlic, ginger, chilli and spices.

Try Tripe Curry For A Change

For a mouthwatering tripe curry, go for our tried and tested Spicy Tripe Curry dish. Prepared with medium curry powder and mutton stock it brings a little heat to the tripe and adds a rich, meaty taste. Green pepper gives it a slight zing and because it is slow-cooked, the dish is tender and sweet.

A Proudly South African Delicacy

Tripe is just one of many traditional South African dishes that add to our multi-cultural heritage. Dishes such as cow hooves, giblets and chakalaka also have complex flavours that are worth sampling.

Change Things Up With Your Mogodu

It has been said that a change is as good as a holiday. Although traditional tripe recipes are delicious, it is sometimes fun to get creative and play around in your kitchen. The versatility of Mogodu allows you to do just that.

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