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Protein Packed Stews Ideas To Use

Protein Packed Stews Ideas To Use

Keeping your loved ones fed and full with delicious and nutritious meals is a great way to ensure they stay strong, healthy and nourished so that they can take on any challenge that comes their way. When it comes to tasty dinner dishes that will deliver on mnandi flavour and help give your family the nutrition they need, stews are always an excellent option. And with all the different, delicious stew recipes around, you’re sure to find some tasty stew ideas to nourish the family.

But if you want to provide your family with high-protein stews that will help keep them healthy and strong, then make sure you cook your stews with Knorrox. For generations, Knorrox has been providing families with stock cubes and powders, spices, soups and soya mince that deliver a rich nyama taste that strengthens families and keeps them full. If you’ve been searching for protein-packed stew ideas for dinner to wow your family and feed them a nourishing meal, read on for our tasty stew recipe ideas that will satisfy the whole family.

Stew Ideas

Stews are a great way to satisfy the family with a rich, hearty flavour that will ensure everyone ends the meal with a smile. With stews, it’s easy to add a variety of tasty flavours and nutritious foods to ensure a nourishing and mouth-watering meal. So for those who’ve wondered, ‘do stews have a good source of proteins?’ the answer is yes because you can add whatever ingredients you like to create a tasty stew.

And when you cook your stews with Knorrox, you’ll add some seriously mnandi, rich nyama taste to your pot, for a meal that’s sure to satisfy the family. So here are 3 flavourful protein-packed stew ideas for you to try.

Slow Cooked Jugo Beans Stew

This meatless stew is not only packed with mnandi flavour but it’s rich in protein too, thanks to the mix of Knorrox Chilli Beef Flavour Soya Mince and tasty jugo beans. The rich, meaty flavour of the Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes in this Slow Cooked Jugo Beans Stew recipe makes this a hearty and healthy dish that delivers a delicious meaty flavour that will have your family asking for more! Serve this stew with some steamed bread for an unforgettable meal.

Get the recipe here.

Beef and Butter Bean Stew

This Beef and Butter Stew recipe idea adds the protein power of butter beans to a rich beef stew that’s bursting with the delightful flavour of Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes to deliver a delicious and nourishing meal. If you want a protein-rich, flavourful stew that will satisfy the family, give this recipe a try. Make sure you serve it with pap for a meal that will fill the family right up.

Get the recipe here.

Chicken and Lentil Stew

You can’t go wrong when you serve up a hearty chicken stew. With this Chicken and Lentil Stew recipe though, you have the delicious taste of Knorrox Chicken Stock Cubes with the protein-rich goodness of lentils for a nourishing meal that’s the perfect dinner dish. So let your family tuck into this tasty treat for a flavour-filled dinner time.

Get the recipe here.

When it comes to ensuring you make a nourishing stew that delivers rich, meaty flavour, make sure you cook with Knorrox for flavourful stews that will satisfy your family and keep them healthy and strong.

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