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Rich, meaty taste for the strength to take on tomorrow

Meaty Stews The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Meaty Stews The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Locally, it is well-known that mealtimes that involve meat are a favourite of families across the nation. Whether it’s roasted, grilled, fried or braaied, meat-filled dishes are always such a treat. There is one method of cooking meat though, that has satisfied families with rich, savoury meaty flavour for generations and is sure to be a favourite of at least one relative - stewing. When you make a meaty stew, it’s a wonderful way to fill the family with a wholesome dish that’s packed with delicious flavours and nutritious ingredients – like high-protein meats and vitamin-rich veggies.

A meaty stew is an ideal winter-warming meal that’s sure to satisfy the family and help keep the cold out. Even when the weather is warmer, a seafood stew would be the perfect way to end off a summer’s day. With all this in mind, Knorrox has put together a list of 3 meaty stew recipes you can try, to give your family an unforgettable meal that’s full of flavour. So read on as we cover the basics of how to make a meaty stew and explore some exciting recipes. Let’s tuck in!

What Is The Secret To a Tasty Meaty Stew?

When it comes to what ingredients are needed to make a meaty stew, it’s usually a mix of root vegetables - carrots, potatoes and onions - meat or bones and your choice of stocks, soups and seasonings. When it comes to what gives stew a rich, meaty flavour, though, there’s only one answer, and that’s the amazing taste of Knorrox. Knorrox offers a wide range of rich and flavourful stock cubes, stock powders, soups and spices, as well as a range of soya minces, to turn any meal into a tasty and satisfying treat.

With the rich meaty taste that Knorrox adds to a dish, even meatless dishes will deliver a great meaty taste. To add a delicious meaty taste to a vegetable stew, use Knorrox stock or soups for a rich nyama taste. For a meaty taste and texture, try Knorrox Soya Mince for a vegetarian-friendly way to enjoy the meaty flavours you love. With Knorrox, you’ll never have to wonder, ‘how do I make my stew meaty’ again. So now that you know the secret ingredient to the most flavourful meaty stews, let’s explore some tasty recipe ideas.

Must-try Meaty Stew Recipes

Slow Cooked Jugo Beans Stew

This wholesome bean stew is bursting with a meaty flavour. The combination of the Knorrox Chilli Beef Flavoured Soya Mince and Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes is what gives this delicious and nutritious stew a rich meaty taste that the whole family will want more of. This nourishing meatless meal is also cost-effective because you can use the soya mince to replace the meat, without sacrificing on a rich meaty taste. Making it ideal for those end-of-the-month meals.

Get the recipe here.

Knorrox Chicken Neck Stew

This hearty stew is guaranteed to have the whole family licking their fingers from its delightful flavour. Starting with the most flavourful stock, made with Knorrox Chicken Stock Cubes, the chicken necks are cooked to perfection, allowing them to absorb the rich, meaty taste of the stew. Leaving you with full-of-flavour, tender chicken necks that are so good, by the end of the meal only clean bones will be left on the plate!

Get the recipe here.


While this stew requires just four ingredients, it’s full of so much flavour, thanks to the hearty, meaty taste of the Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes deliver. As the stewing is slow-cooked, it takes in all the rich, meaty broth flavours. As you shred the meat, drippings of deliciousness will fill the plate, making for a mouth-watering meal your family will love Get the recipe here.

Give these meaty stew recipes a try and visit What’s For Dinner today.

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