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Knorr Barbeque Cook-In-Bag: A Trusted Companion

Knorr Barbeque Cook-In-Bag: A Trusted Companion

Unleashing the Flavours of Knorr Barbeque Cook-In-Bag

Whether it’s attending classes, attending to the kids, a busy work schedule or buzzing social life, there’s often so much stuff that occupies our time. And sometimes, the endless list of things to do can get in the way of you managing to get a delicious dinner on the table. Fortunately, while you may be the only one who can help your little one finish that homework sum when it comes to cooking, Knorr’s Cook-In-Bags are a quick, convenient and flavourful meal solution to your rescue.

Knorr’s range of cook-in-bags is the ultimate kitchen companion to help you get a delicious meal on the table with a lot less fuss but without compromising on the scrumptious, wholesome flavours of Knorr you know and love. Stick with us as we explore how to use Knorr’s Barbeque Cook-In-Bag, to help you create satisfying meals in less time and with minimal fuss.

Combining Convenience with Robust Flavour

When it comes to elevating your cooking and enhancing your mealtimes with flavourful and time-saving solutions that prioritise nutrition and make the most of simple ingredients, Knorr's range of products has always been at the forefront. With delicious dressings, soup-ahh soups, tasty stock pots and more, Knorr has so much to offer to make cooking wholesome, flavoursome meals simple. Now, with Knorr's Cook-In-Bag Flavours, they've taken convenience and taste to a whole new level with an innovative solution that infuses food with a delectable aroma of herbs and spices and the delicious flavour of high-quality ingredients.

During the cooking process, in the bag, these rich flavours are infused into your choice of meat, veggies or both, as it cooks to perfection right before your eyes. With how tricky and time-consuming preparing the perfect grilled meat or roast dinner from scratch can be, Knorr’s cook-in-bags are an ideal all-in-one meal solution to help you create tender, juicy, mouth-watering roasts, with much less fuss. Sounds scrumptious, right?

Unlocking Bold Barbeque Flavour

Of the various delicious flavours Knorr's Cook-In-Bags can deliver to your meals, the Barbeque variant should be your go-to to add a tantalising, smoky braai taste to your dishes. So if you’re craving the same sweet and savoury, smoky flavours of your braai grill in your roast dinner, Knorr’s Cook-in-Bag with BBQ flavour is the answer. To ensure you can enjoy the smoky goodness of Knorr's Barbeque Cook-In-Bag, here are three recipes you can use to whip up a satisfying and flavoursome meal quickly and conveniently.

Barbeque Chicken Wings with Corn on the Cob - Chicken wings are always a winner for dinner but getting the marinade just right to ensure sweet, sticky and savoury delight can be hard. With Knorr’s Barbeque Cook-In-Bag, making delicious, crowd-pleasing chicken wings is made easy. Simply toss all your ingredients into the bag for a one-bag meal solution that’s full of flavour.

BBQ Salmon with Orange and Quinoa Salad - If you thought Knorr's Cook-In-Bags were just for chicken, think again! Try this salmon salad recipe for a dinner that’s packed with flavour and protein goodness and is super quick and easy to make.

BBQ Sheep Tails with Roasted Sweet Potato and Carrot Mash - Enjoy a taste of the traditional with a tasty BBQ twist with this delicious sheep tail recipe. Paired with a rich and creamy sweet potato mash, this rich roast sheep recipe is sure to impress even the toughest critics. For delicious, flavour-filled roast dishes made effortlessly, equip your kitchen with Knorr’s Cook-in-Bags and enjoy the convenience of creating mouth-watering meals with a quarter of the fuss!

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