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A Good Old-Fashioned Campout With The Kids

A Good Old-Fashioned Campout With The Kids

Skip the traffic-ridden roads, dodge the busy shopping centres, avoid the packed cinema and escape the hustle and bustle of your town when the school holidays come your way. We’ve got the perfect recommendation for you and your fantastic family – a wonderful weekend spent camping at your favourite spot!

Not only will it lower your stress levels by being away from the big city rush, but nature’s inviting embrace will envelop you entirely, and bring you and your loved ones closer together as you get up to all kinds of outdoor fun. Have a look below for some activities that you and your clan can get up to together once the tents have been pitched and the electronics ditched.

Explore Nature

The sweet smell of pine needles, the uninterrupted chirping of birds, unexplored trails and some good ol’ peace and quiet – what’s not to love about being away from the big city? Have a look out for some great hiking spots or a clean river close to where you’ve camped for a day of non-stop fun with your family.

Make S’mores

Now this is a scrumptious sandwich we can get behind! Ditch the bread, cheese and cold meats for biscuits, marshmallows and chocolate in order to make these sweet sarmies! Once your fire is lit, find a few long and sharp sticks to skewer your marshmallows with. Hover them over the embers or flames until they get soft and gooey. Place your marshmallow on top of your first biscuit, add a piece of chocolate, and add your second biscuit to complete your mouth-watering S’more.

Torch Tag

Have you ever played torch tag before? This fun and exciting game is perfect for families and should be played after the sun has set. It’s similar to hide-and-seek but with an interesting twist that will have you and your little ones running, jumping, dodging and hiding from one another. This is how it’s played – one person is given a torch and has to count to 50 while the others hide.

Equipped with a torch, the ‘seeker’ has to go and find all the ‘hiders’ by flashing the beam of the torch on them. Once they have been illuminated by the beam, they are out and must wait until all the ‘hiders’ have been found. The last person to be found will take over the role of ‘seeker’ in the next game. Now that’s what we call awesome!

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