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How To Cook Uphuthu

How To Cook Uphuthu

Just thinking about uphuthu the way umama used to make it is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. If ever there was ibozza yepapa, uphuthu would be a top contender! Perfect for any time, meal, and season, it’s no wonder why uphuthu is enjoyed across the country.

But while uphuthu is the perfect side for any meal, sometimes knowing how to bring out ubumnandi from this starch is tricky. But don’t stress mntase because Aromat has the answers to help you get the most #unbelievableflavour out of your uphuthu recipe.

How to Make Uphuthu With #Unbelievableflavour

To become istarring of making uphuthu, you need to have a handle on the basics. So to help you make uphuthu that’s so good, omakhelwane will be knocking on your door to try and get a taste. Let's break down some of the basics of how to prepare uphuthu.

How Long Does it Take to Cook Uphuthu?

This quick kasi dish is so simple it just takes about 30 to 40 minutes to cook before you can dine on the deliciousness.

What Ingredients Are Needed to Make Uphuthu?

Uphuthu is the perfect starch because you won't have to stress even when you’re a long way you’re your payday. After all, this simple dish needs just 3 ingredients.

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Maize meal

With these 3 ingredients, you’re on your way to a tasty addition to your breakfast, lunch or dinner dishes. Kodwa, while uphuthu is quick and easy to make, sometimes kushoda ‘that thing’. But ska wara mntase because we know the secret ingredient you need to turn your kos from just nice to NCAA!, and it’s with the #unbelievableflavour of Aromat.

When you Fa-Fa! the unbelievable taste of Aromat seasoning onto your phuthu, you’re in for a dish that’s so good it will lift your mood! To turn up the tastiness of your uphuthu, swap out salt for Aromat Original and make your meal taste so good that even uGogo will wonder why uphuthu lwakho lumnandi kangaka.

Siyazi ukuthi #AromatNeGawulo should never be apart, and because uphuthu can be eaten at any time of the day with any meal, the opportunities to add some feel-good flavour to your food are endless! So if you’re having uphuthu namaqanda ekuseni, add some Aromat Naturally Tasty goodness to your eggs for a meal that’s so delicious, you’ll want to have it for lunch and dinner too. Or at your next shisa nyama, impressa amajita when you serve uphuthu seasoned with the unbelievable taste of Aromat Peri Peri.

Everyone will know that if it’s monate flavour they’re after, ikhishi lakho is the place to be because of the great taste Aromat brings to the table. So make sure you never run out of the #unbelievableflavour by getting the bigger 200g Aromat Original so that all your meals have that unbelievable taste.

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