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How to Cook Delicious Lamb Curry Indian Style

How to Cook Delicious Lamb Curry Indian Style

An Indian-style lamb curry is the ideal winter warmer for a family get-together, or a great anytime comfort meal. The rich, aromatic flavours of the lamb marinated in high quality curry powder and slowly tenderised in tomato broth, is a crowd pleaser when the weather turns cold, or when you’re in need of a pick-me-up.

At Rajah, we decided to delve into this much-loved meal to find out what the best traditional Indian lamb curry recipe looks like and how you can prepare this for your family and friends at home.

Why Your Family Will Love Indian Lamb Curry

There are many wonderful benefits of cooking a traditional Indian lamb curry. Here are five reasons why your family will love this meal:

1. A variety of healthy serving options: Lamb curry does not always have to be served on a bed of basmati rice. We have found that the best Indian lamb dishes go well with healthier options such as brown rice, cauli-rice, pearl barley and lentils, or even served on quinoa for an added protein punch.

For a unique spin, try this recipe for Saucy Lamb Curry Bread Bowls, and serve it in a crusty bread bun. Tip: A brown bread bun is low GI and will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

2. A unique meal experience: Indian cuisine also includes thali, where a selection of various dishes is served on a large platter. Thali forms a central role in ceremonies and weddings. Items such as cucumber salad, vegetable bhajis, coriander and red onion salsas, as well as rotis and rice are eaten with the variety of curries. This makes for a unique meal experience.

3. Control the heat: Let’s face it, not everyone can handle the heat but that doesn’t mean they need to get out of the kitchen. Rajah has a curry powder to suit everyone and two teaspoons of whatever variety you choose should be enough to infuse a dish serving four to six people.

To create a family-friendly Indian style lamb curry try Rajah Mild and Spicy Curry Powder. For a good middle ground, you can use two teaspoons of Rajah Medium Curry Powder. To really turn up the heat, reach for Rajah Hot Curry Powder and try this Mutton Curry recipe.

4. Get your five-a-day: Doctors recommend that we consume at least five fruits or vegetables a day, but sometimes it is hard to get the little ones to eat their fresh produce. Yet, when veggies are added to your lamb curry and served in a mouth-watering sauce the younger members of the family might not even notice they are eating them. Sneaky hey? Try this Mutton Curry with Dhal recipe and throw in some carrots or peas for a delicious dish the whole family will love.

5. Robust flavours: When you put together a variety of ingredients like diced carrots, celery, potatoes, and lamb as well as a curry powder made from perfectly blended herbs and spices, you are building a dish consisting of many delightful layers of flavour.

Let’s Talk Meat

The best cuts of meat to use in an Indian-style lamb curry are boneless lamb leg, shank, or shoulder. Lamb shoulder is tender, sweet and absorbs the spices of the curry powder beautifully. Lamb shanks create the additional benefit of delectable bone marrow in your Indian lamb dish. Just remember that because your shank will still have the bone in, the cooking time will be longer because you will want to achieve fall-off-the-bone tenderness.

Alternatively ask your butcher for lamb goulash or stewing meat. As long as you dice your lamb into 2.5cm cubes any of these cuts of meat should work.

For a detour off the traditional road, try this modern take on lamb curry, Lamb Chops Curried Marinade, which uses Rajah curry powder to create a marinade and then adds lamb chops.

Slow Cooked To Perfection

Whatever you do make sure not to rush the cooking time. Traditional Indian lamb curry needs to bubble away on a low heat for between 60-90 minutes to allow the flavours to infuse and for the meat to become tender and fully steeped through by the sauce.

Delicious, Versatile And Adaptable Lamb Curry

Whether you are a chilli fanatic who enjoys a hot curry or a meek and mild stew goddess, Rajah has a curry powder to tantalise your taste buds. Traditional Indian lamb curry is a delicious, versatile, and adaptable meal for any occasion. We hope that these tips and ideas will go a long way to helping you cook many delectable lamb curries.

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