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Healthy Snacking Ideas

Healthy Snacking Ideas

Sometimes it’s that quick bite that keeps you going between those back-to-back meeting kinds of mornings, or it’s that simple tasty treat that keeps the kiddies satisfied until dinner time. No matter the occasion, a snack always swoops in to save the day to help you keep the hunger at bay.

But unfortunately, finding filling snack foods that are as delicious as they are nutritious isn’t always the easiest. With demanding schedules and fussy palates, coming up with mouth-watering bites to munch on, while managing to keep your snack ideas healthy, can prove to be quite a mission.

Fortunately, with What’s For Dinner, not only is healthy snacking made simple, but tasty too. With our wide selection of meal inspiration for irresistible snacks and sides, gone are the days where you used to wonder “what are healthy snacks to eat on the go?” Let’s dive into these healthy snack ideas, so you can tuck into the tastiness.

Healthy Snack Inspiration

Whether you’re in need of some inspiration for healthy snack ideas at work or brainstorming the perfect bites to slip into lunchboxes during the week, we’ve got you covered with some seriously satisfying healthy snack recipes.

Snacks are a great way to stay full throughout the day. And when you put a healthy spin on your snacks, they become excellent for helping you manage your weight too.

Healthy snacks like these crispy peri-peri bambara groundnuts, give you a nutritious and delicious alternative to unhealthier snacks like chips and candy. The bite-sized portions also help to prevent you from overeating, making managing your weight a little bit easier. Without further ado, here are our top 3 healthy snack ideas.

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Spinach, Corn and Bacon Muffins

With delightful pops of sweetness from the corn kernels, delicious saltiness from the bits of bacon, and the fresh, earthy goodness of the spinach, these muffins are the perfect breakfast bite. Rich in iron from the spinach and packed with protein from the bacon and egg muffin mix, if a healthy pick-me-up snack is what you need, pop one of these in your mouth for a nutritious fix. Serve these up for a yummy treat that everyone will be happy to munch on as their go-to healthy snack.

Baked Sweet Potato and Pea Samoosas with a Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

Enjoy this classic South African snack with a delicious, healthy spin. These veggie samoosas are perfectly crispy on the outside, with a fluffy and flavourful, sensationally seasoned sweet potato and pea filling, to deliver a healthy snack with heaps of flavour. Dip your samoosas in your favourite sauce or delight in some sweetness to your spice with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. Either way, these veggie samoosas are a tasty, healthy snack that always deliver yumminess.

Bulgur Wheat and Chickpea Balls with Coriander Hummus

These bite-sized bulgur wheat and chickpea balls are bursting with robust flavour that’s deliciously enhanced by a dollop of the smooth, creamy hummus dip. The only thing greater than the flavour is how good these bulgur wheat and chickpea nibbles are for you. Wholesome bulgur wheat and savoury chickpeas blended together with delicious aromatics and bits of feta cheese make for a super tasty spicy treat.

This healthy snack is the perfect pleaser for plant-based eaters, but there won’t be a meat-lover around that won’t find these mouth-watering munches irresistible. Visit What’s For Dinner today for more flavour-filled meal inspiration for every occasion.

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