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Getting The Perfect Heat Level For Your Curry

Getting The Perfect Heat Level For Your Curry

It might have been the spicy mutton breyani that was milder than you had hoped or the veggie vindaloo curry that was way too hot for your taste. Whatever the meal, you know all too well that the level of heat always matters. The spice level of your curry can transform what you thought would be a tasty meal into one that is bland. Or if it’s spiced just right, it can make your tastebuds sing with delight.

At Rajah , we speak spice. And so for every chilli stew, sishebo, bunny chow, breyani, curry and another spicy dish, we’ve curated a robust, well-balanced curry powder or pure spice blend to complement your meals and heat preferences. If you’re looking for ways to heighten your curry heat levels or trying to figure out how to make a curry less spicy, look no further because Rajah has the answers. So read on and learn how to get the perfect heat level in your dish to please the whole family’s palate.

The Different Heat Levels of Curry

When it comes to ordering a curry from a restaurant or even shopping for curry spices to add to your dishes, you usually have three main heat categories to choose from – hot, medium and mild. The curries or flavours that fall under the mild category would include curries like Butter Chicken which are ideal for more sensitive palates or those who prefer less heat like children or elderly people. Curries with a medium heat level – think Rogan Josh or Tikka Masala curries - are best suited for those who like their food hot, but not too hot.

Then, the curries that belong to the hot category would be for those who love the flavour that packs a fiery punch, so Vindaloo or Jalfrezi type of curries would belong to this category. At Rajah, our range of Curry Powders and Pure Spice Blends are filled with a careful fusion of the finest herbs and spices, to deliver a range of robust spicey seasonings that provide generous flavour and satisfying heat.

In our range of aromatic curry powders and irresistible spice blends, you can find a wide variety of versatile flavours that are perfect for a range of dishes from vegetable curries to meat stews and curried sandwiches. Our Rajah Curry Powders include 6 sensational flavours ranging from Rajah Flavourful and Mild to Rajah Hot Curry Powder to ensure you can always find a curry powder with a heat level you love.

Creating Curries with the Perfect Hit of Heat

With the Rajah range of curry powders and pure spice blends, you have just what you need to create curries that are spiced to perfection to please everyone’s heat preference. For example, you may try the Rajah Chicken Korma Pure Spice Blend to make a mild curry with a mouth-watering spicy flavour. Or you can turn up the heat by adding a tablespoon of Rajah Medium Curry Powder to your favourite lamb curry like in this Mutton Curry with Dhal recipe.

The Medium Curry Powder delivers a kick of heat that anyone who enjoys spicy dishes will love.

If you’ve already started cooking your curry and are looking for ways to make it spicier or cool it down, here are some tips.

To tone down the heat in your curry, try any of these 3 tips.

  • For coconut-based curries that are too spicy, try adding more coconut milk to your curry to cool it down. Yoghurt and milk can also work to help balance out the heat in a curry that’s too spicy.
  • Adding starchy vegetables like potato or sweet potato can be effective in helping to bring down your curry’s spice levels.
  • Squeezing some lime juice or adding a splash of vinegar to your curry can also help to balance out the heat in your curry.

    To turn up the heat in your curry, only Rajah’s range of curry powders and spice blends will do. Our Pure Spice Blends come in four delicious curry flavours so that you can always find a spice with the perfect amount of heat to make your tastebuds sing.

So for days when you’re keen for a madras kind of heat, the Rajah Beef Madras Pure Spice Blend is perfect for infusing your dish with rich, robust, fiery flavour. If you are serving your curry to a group with different heat preferences, simply serve a variety of toppings, like sour cream or plain yoghurt, that each person can use to help adjust their curry to their spice preference.

Curries are made up of complex flavours that come together to create a scrumptious and satisfying spicy dish. With the Rajah range of Curry Powders and Pure Spice Blends, you can create a curry infused with generous flavour and just the right amount of heat to please palates all around and impress any dinner guests. So the next time you’re cooking a curry, make sure Rajah is in the mix for a rich and perfectly spiced dish.

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