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Foods That Go Well With Mince

Foods That Go Well With Mince

When it comes to cooking, there are endless possibilities to how creative you can be in the kitchen. Mince on its own tastes amazing but when it’s paired with certain foods, it tastes even better.

We can probably all agree that mince goes best with carbs. But which carb? Here are our top 6 favourite foods:

Whether you prefer fragrant, regular or savoury rice, it remains a popular staple in many cultures across the globe. You can choose a variety of ethnic flavours — from African, Thai, Indian and more depending on the meal you’re making. However, basmati rice is a classic when making a curry.

Macaroni or spaghetti
When many of us think about the food our parents cooked when we were younger, pasta and mince would make that list. Pasta and mince is a popular combo, that is easy to cook. And it tastes delicious! Try this easy mince and veggie pasta: it will quickly become a family favourite.

Vetkoeks taste amazing on their own but add a yummy curried mince to the centre and your taste buds will be satisfied. If you like your meals mouth-watering and spicy then why not try this chilli mince with vetkoeks recipe? It contains soya mince and chilli beef stock cubes to make your mince richer and tastier. Did we mention it’s easy to cook? For a vegetarian friendly alternative, add vegetable curry to your vetkoek.

Toast and cheese
For an easy sandwich to pack for lunch, make some toast, add mince and grated cheese and indulge! For an even fancier option, instead of using a toaster, grill the sandwich in a non-stick pan or the oven. Trust us, it’s mouth-watering!

Instant noodles
Instant noodles are convenient to eat with mince when you’re hungry and don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. Make 2-minute noodles and a pot of mince separately. Whatever mince is leftover, you can always freeze it and reheat it for another meal.

You can never go wrong with mince dishes. They’re tasty, ready in just a few minutes and are a good source of protein. How will you pair your dish tonight?

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