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Delicious Meatless Curries To Try

Delicious Meatless Curries To Try

Curry dishes are always such a delight - the mouthwatering aroma, the spicy taste that transports your tastebuds, and a satisfying and sometimes sweat-inducing fiery heat to round off the rich flavours. Whenever curry is on the menu, you know you’re in for a steaming bowl of deliciousness that will bring the family together over a hearty, flavour-filled meal.

One of the things that makes this exotic dish so wonderful is the wide variety of different curries that exist. So whether you prefer a lamb curry over a prawn one or a korma over a vindaloo there’s a sensational curry to suit every palate and season. Today though, we’re shining a light on a delightful curry that doesn’t get enough praise for not only the amazing flavours it provides but how good it can be for you too. We’re talking about meatless curry dishes.

Read on as we dive into the world of meatless curries a little more and discover how memorable and mouth-watering meatless curry dishes can be!

The Perfect Addition to Your Meatless Monday

Curries are hearty meals that are great for any season – think a delightful seafood curry in the summer or a rich, creamy chicken korma to warm you up in the winter. When it comes to finding a meatless curry recipe that the whole family will love though, even a seasoned chef may feel a little stuck.

Well, with the right spices, you can make a delicious meatless curry that is as full of delicious, complex flavours as its meaty counterparts. If you’re wondering what the ‘right spices’ might be, we’re talking about a range of spices that deliver rich, exotic flavour and an irresistible aroma to your meals – Rajah Curry Powder. After all, what would a curry be without curry powder?

When you add Rajah Curry Powder to your meatless curry recipe, it makes for a sensational meal that’s bursting with rich, spicy, aromatic flavours. Making a meatless curry the perfect menu item for a Meatless Monday. To get started making the most amazing meatless curries, here are 3 easy to make meatless curry dishes for you to try out.

3 Must-try Meatless Curry Recipes

Cauliflower Bean Curry

This cauliflower bean curry is a delightful bowl of hearty, creamy, deliciousness. The delicate cauliflower florets pair perfectly with the rich flavour and meaty texture of the beans, to deliver a mouth-watering curry you’ll want to tuck into. The Rajah Medium Curry Powder in this recipe provides a delicious kick of heat that will make your tastebuds dance. If you’re looking for a hearty curry with a sensational taste that’s sure to leave you satisfied, give this recipe a try.

Get the recipe here.

Veggie Vindaloo Curry

This meatless curry recipe features a medley of vegetables to deliver a robustly flavoured curry with an irresistible spicy flavour that’s so good, everyone will be asking what the secret ingredient is in your delicious recipe. This satisfying curry uses the Rajah Hot Curry Powder which gives it a delightful depth of heat and flavour that will serve as a treat for any chilli-lovers in the home.

Get the recipe here.

Sugar Bean Curry

This delicious, nutritious and hearty meatless curry recipe is infused with the rich, irresistible flavour of Rajah Mild & Spicy Curry Powder for a mouthwatering meal. This easy meatless curry dish is perfect for those end-of-the-month meals that make use of what you already have in your kitchen cupboards in the most delicious way. Give this curry a try for a rich, flavourful and filling meal.

Get the recipe here.

Try something new with our meatless curry dish ideas and watch how quickly they become a family favourite!

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