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Amagwinya ne Soy Mince Recipe

Amagwinya ne Soy Mince Recipe

Jelly and custard, Tom and Jerry - in life, some things are just better together like amagwinya ne mince. That perfectly spiced mince mixed with tomato paste is the most delicious savoury stew, stuffed into the lightest, fluffiest vetkoek with the crispiest golden coating. Amagwinya ne mince, or fat cakes and mince when you’re feeling fancy, is the perfect meal to fill you up. Packed with iflavour emnandi and the reason umakhelwane keeps visiting just before morning tea.

But while siyazi ukuthi ufuna isoft life, we know you still want that unbelievable kasi food too, so amagwinya ne mince are your go-to for breakfast or lunch. But ska wara mntase, just because you’re trying to get your summer body into gear, it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your favourite meals. Instead, What’s For Dinner has come up with a way to make sure you get your fat cake and mince fix, without having to compromise on iflavour emnandi. The solution? - Soya mince.

To add some hearty, meaty flavour to your dish without the meat, soy mince is where it’s at. Stru mntase, soya mince might be meat-free but it’s the real makoya when it comes to adding some meaty flavour and texture to your meals. But maybe you’re starting to wonder ukuthi how you can make this meat-free number igcwale ngeflavour. Read on and get tips for cooking soya mince and making amagwinya ne soy mince that’s so nice abo makhelwane bazobuza ukuthi what’s your secret recipe?

Cooking Soya Mince

When it comes to soya mince meals, some might think, ‘Haibo,’ once babona ukuthi ayikho inyama. But don’t let the looks fool you because soya mince not only soaks up all the flavours of your stew for a delicious mouthful, but it's also packed with protein. Making this meat-free mince perfect for giving your Meatless Monday meals ‘that thing’. And before you get vur vaai’d trying to figure out, ‘do you need to soak soya mince,’ the answer is yes; for about 10 minutes before adding it to your pot.

But if you want to make soya mince with a taste so good that abanye will think you’re a masterchef, there’s only one way to add flavour that will transform your mince from just nice to ncaa. And that’s with the #UnbelievableFlavour of Aromat

Amagwinya ne Soy Mince ne Unbelievable Flavour

Sonke siyazi if it’s feel-good flavour you want, Aromat has to be in the picture because Aromat ne gawulo should never be apart. And it’s no different when it comes to making your vetkoek and soya mince meal. So while you’re making your soya mince sishebo, beef up the flavour with some Aromat Chilli Beef Seasoning and enjoy a taste so good it will lift your mood.

If you feel like keeping it real then turn up the tastiness with Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning for a meal that’s bursting with #unbelievableflavour. Or for a taste so good it reminds you of ukudla kaGogo, fa-fa some Aromat Original goodness to your soya mince for a meal so tasty you won’t want to share. But ska wara because with the bigger and better Aromat 200g canister, there will always be enough #feelgoodflavour to satisfy the whole family.

Once you’ve seasoned your soya mince the right way - with Aromat - all that’s left is to spoon a generous helping into your warm magwinya and tuck into a meal that delivers all the deliciousness.For more mnandi meal ideas, visit What’s For Dinner today.

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