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African Flavours: 3 Ethnic Knorrox Recipes

African Flavours: 3 Ethnic Knorrox Recipes

When it comes to exploring the wonderful oceans and soils of the African continent, many people might think of the Big 5 as the land’s main attraction. But while Africa is full of wonderful wildlife, there’s another area where the continent shines - our food. Whether it's golden grains from the north, tasty stews from the south or delicious seafood from our shores, we have so many mouth-watering flavours to offer.

Of all the great flavours the continent has to offer, there’s a certain taste you can trust you will find when you come to Mzansi, thanks to the flavour-enhancing power of Knorrox. For over 50 years, Knorrox has been trusted by the country to deliver a satisfying, rich meaty taste and umsoco to any dish, to strengthen and nourish your family with every meal. Read on as we explore three delicious Knorrox recipes that celebrate the amazing traditional flavours of the county and continent.

Elevate Your Ethnic Foods With Knorrox

From its distinctive spice range and nourishing stocks to the mouth-watering soya minces, Knorrox is the special ingredient that adds nutrition and distinct, delicious nyama flavour to every meal. What sets Knorrox apart is that every product is carefully formulated to not only deliver meaty flavour to any dish with or without real meat in it but to provide nutrients that are good for your family too.

With added iron, the Knorrox range helps you create dishes that give your family the strength to take on any task for namhlanje nak’sasa while delivering a delightful meaty taste that will bring back memories of uGogo’s cooking. So no matter where you are, if you are looking for some meaty African flavour, choose the Knorrox range to give you a rich nyama taste that transports you home.

Transform Traditional Meals With Meaty Taste

To help you ensure you can enjoy the meaty flavour you love wherever you are, we’re sharing three mnandi Knorrox recipes that are sure to remind you of the diverse and delicious flavours of Africa with every bite.

Amanqina eNkomo From Botswana to Zambia to Ghana and Nigeria, cow heels are a delicacy enjoyed all over Africa. In this amanqina recipe, the cow heels are brought to life with the delicious meaty taste of Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes for a truly satisfying dish. Try this traditional South African food for a meaty meal that will impress wonke umndeni.

Tasty Samp For a tasty starch dish that’s full of meaty goodness, try this scrumptious samp recipe that’s enjoyed in countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe. With the fantastic flavours of Knorrox Oxtail Stock Cubes, this samp recipe sings with mouth-watering meatiness that will make everyone want a second serving. Serve the samp with this tantalising traditional oxtail recipe for a meal that will remind everyone of Mama’s cooking.

Traditional Usu Whether it’s being grilled in Kenya or made with a pastry in Morroco, tripe is another ethnic food that’s enjoyed by cultures across the continent. For a recipe that brings you back to Mzansi, try this traditional tripe recipe. With the Knorrox Garlic Stock Powder, Knorrox Chilli Beef Stock Cubes and Knorrox Beef Soup, this recipe is packed with delicious meaty flavour that’s so good you’ll want to have it every Mogodu Monday.

Try our three traditional meals enriched with the wonderful meaty taste of Knorrox to enjoy the distinct and delicious flavours Africa has to offer. For meals enhanced with nyama taste and nourishing goodness to satisfy your family, ensure you choose Knorrox every time.

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