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A Beginner’s Guide to Meal Prepping Recipes

A Beginner’s Guide to Meal Prepping Recipes

Finding time every day to make a healthy, tasty and satisfying meal can feel next to impossible. Which is why many people end up ordering out instead or eating processed meals that aren’t good for anybody. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to ensure that you can enjoy meals that are not only healthy but taste amazing too. That solution is meal prepping.If you’re in need of a way to save some time and money while keeping your meals as healthy and tasty as can be, read our simple guide to help you become a meal prep master.

What Is Meal Prep?

Meal prep or meal preparation or meal prepping refers to the process of preparing and organising your meals in advance, usually on a weekly or daily basis, depending on your schedule and preferences. Preparing your meals in advance can include cooking, portioning, and packaging your meals for the upcoming days or weeks. So if you were wondering, ‘can you meal prep for 7 days?’, the answer is definitely.

Doing meal prep is an excellent way to save yourself time and money, and it makes it easier to stick to a healthy diet by having pre-made healthy meals on hand, so it’s easier to avoid unhealthy foods. Meal prepping is great for people who are trying to lose or gain weight or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, thanks to the pre-packaged portions that can help you to stay consistent with the calories you consume. Meal prepping can include making a variety of different types of meals, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, or focusing on one specific meal.

How to Meal Prep

If you’re keen to give meal prepping a go but don’t know where to start, here’s a quick how-to guide for meal prepping like a pro.

1. Plan your meals: If you want to meal prep well, you need to start with a solid plan of what you want to eat for the upcoming days, taking into consideration your budget and any diet or weight goals you may have. Make sure your plan includes a variety of foods like whole grains, fruit and veggies.

2. Make a shopping list: Write down all the ingredients you will need for your planned meals.

3. Shop for the items: Go and purchase all the products you need and make sure you get any equipment you’ll need too, like lunch boxes or storage bags.

4. Cook your meals: Cook your planned meals in advance, ideally all on the same day.

5. Portion, package and store your meals: Once cooked, divide your meals into individual portions and package them in airtight containers or storage bags. Then store your packaged meals in the fridge or freezer, depending on when you plan to eat them.

Then when you’re on the go you can grab one of the meals, heat it and enjoy.

Meal Prep Ideas

If our guide has got you wondering what are the best foods for meal prepping, here are some meal prep recipes for you to try that taste amazing.

Full Of Veggies Frittata - this frittata recipe, packed with delicious and nutritious veggie goodness, is the perfect breakfast dish for meal prep. It’s quick and easy to make and so full of flavour. Try this recipe for a tasty start to your day.

Chicken Piccata - this scrumptious recipe is so simple yet so tasty. It’s a quick and easy with a whole lot of flavour, and ideal for pre-portioning your meals. Enjoy this meal with a side of this delightful Grilled Vegetable Couscous Bowl for a nutritious dish that’s delish.

Gammon Fried Rice - if you’re a gammon kind of guy or gal, this recipe is perfect for filling you up with loads of flavour. Add a variety of veggies for extra nutrition.

Chicken and Mushroom Penne in a Creamy Mustard Sauce - a creamy pasta meal is a great dish for a lovely lunch or delicious dinner. The creamy mustard sauce ensures that whenever you eat this meal it will make for a delightful treat. Try this recipe today!

Meal prepping is great for saving you time and money while helping you to stick to your dietary goals. For more meal prep inspiration, visit What’s For Dinner today.

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