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8 Foodie Hacks To Awaken Your Inner Eativist

8 Foodie Hacks To Awaken Your Inner Eativist

8 Foodie Hacks To Awaken Your Inner Eativist

At Knorr, we’re on a mission to help the world Eat for Good. Eating for Good means making mindful choices about what we put on our plate, choosing foods that are good for both us and our planet. If this speaks to you, then you are what we like to call an Eativist. You can help change the world for better through your plate.

We believe that there is an Eativist in all of us. We also believe that by even taking one simple action such as going plant-based once a week, can have a huge impact. This is especially true if we are all taking these small steps together. Eating for good doesn’t have to mean changing everything from the get-go. You can start small by trying some of our quick and easy suggestions:

1. Try going meat-free, even just one day a week. This small change is one of the easiest ways you can personally reduce your environmental impact on the planet. Try a delicious veggie recipe from our Future 50 Foods cookbook with a Knorr Vegetable Stock Pot. We promise you won’t miss the meat.

2. For a warm, filling breakfast, start your day with a gluten-free, high-protein buckwheat porridge that’s cooked with a plant-based milk of your choice. You’ll be joining the food influencers of Instagram in no time.

3. Do you find yourself buying the same vegetables in your weekly shop? Add something new to your plate - there are up to 50 000 edible plants in the world¹. Break up your routine by trying something new this week, like a Future 50 Food. Try switching the beef in your Bolognese for lentils to get 10 times more fibre, while emitting 80% less greenhouse gases². Lentils are a good source of protein, delicious and better for the planet. What’s not to love?

4. Have you heard of spelt? It’s a great substitute for rice as it’s easy for farmers to grow without pesticides. It’s also packed full of fibre and minerals. Pearled spelt is super easy to cook. Just pop it in boiling water or stock for 20-30 minutes. It’s great for risotto.

5. Use sweet potatoes to make your fries. They’re easier to grow and that little bit sweeter. They’re also rich in vitamins and calcium. The more varieties of similar foods we can eat, the better – it makes the food system more resilient.

6. Jazz up your salads by using spinach instead of lettuce. It’s rich in vitamins, folate and magnesium. It tastes great with apple and walnuts. Plus, it’s fast-growing and can grow all year round, meaning it can feed more people nutritiously.

7. Spice up your life with one of our delicious and easy recipes from the Future 50 Foods cookbook. Sign up to receive it and then try the Tangy Black Bean and Chipotle Chilli. We recommend it.

With Knorr’s help, you can make the most of the world’s diverse offerings. The three simple things to remember are: less meat, more veggies and a wider variety of the Future 50 Foods. If we all rally together to find our inner Eativists, and Eat for Good, we really can change the world by changing what’s on our plates.

¹ Knorr and WWF (2019), Future 50 Foods Report
² Knorr and WWF (2019), Future 50 Foods Report; The Lancet

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