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4 Wok Creations Your Kids Will Love

4 Wok Creations Your Kids Will Love

Here are five easy recipes for dinner that utilise the wok - that versatile round-bottomed cooking vessel that originated in China. Your kids will love these recipes so we might as well call them five easy recipes for kids.

Easy Thai Beef Curry
The coconut milk in this quick and easy dinner adds a natural sweetness that your kids will love! Why not eat this curry in the traditional Thai way – with a soup spoon and fork. The fork is used to push the food onto the spoon and the food is then eaten from the spoon.

Indian Butter Chicken
While woks aren’t traditionally used in India, they are perfect for preparing this Indian Butter Chicken. To get your kids excited about this butter chicken recipe, serve it with poppadums. A poppadum is a small round ‘cracker’ that is made from lentil flour. To get them crispy, simply pop each one into the microwave individually.

Crunchy Chicken Stir Fry
Get your kids to eat this tasty dish with chopsticks for an added element of fun. Everything in the dish is bite-size, so there’s no need for knives and forks. Have a few sets on the table, however, just in case they’re struggling.

Crumbed Calamari Rings With Lentil Rice
The shape of a wok makes it perfect for deep-frying. Traditionally it is used in this way to fry spring rolls or tempura veggies. Your kids will love these golden calamari rings. Serve with wedges of lemon and a tartar sauce. This is definitely one of those easy dinner recipes for kids.

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