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4 Easy Dinner Ideas With Seasonal Broccoli

4 Easy Dinner Ideas With Seasonal Broccoli

Seasonal fruit and vegetables are more cost-effective than produce that is out of season. Broccoli is one of these inexpensive veggies and is a delicious autumn vegetable that forms part of the cabbage family.

With its versatility, understated flavour and crunchy texture, broccoli can be the undisputed star of any dish. Packed with vitamin C and fibre, it also gives a great nutritional boost to any dish. See some of our fantastic whatsfordinner recipes, where broccoli takes centre stage:

1 - Creamy Chicken In A Bag With Broccoli And Pesto

Enjoy this tasty dish of creamy chicken and crisp, seasonal broccoli that’s flavoured with pesto. This easy dinner recipe uses our KNORR Cook-in-Bag Spicy Roast Chicken, perfect to roast chicken in - and it works for a whole range of roast chicken recipes out there.

2 - Broccoli Casserole

This satisfying broccoli casserole recipe is perfect for feeding a large group of people. Milk, mayonnaise, Knorr Vegetable Stock and Cheddar cheese are added to the broccoli, then topped with breadcrumbs and cheese for a deliciously rich flavour.

3 - Lentil, Broccoli And Cheese Quiche

A tasty meal and a great way to incorporate broccoli into your #meatfreemondays! This vegetarian quiche contains yummy lentil-protein and broccoli, topped off with melted cheese. This is another quick and easy dinner and is delicious when freshly-made, yet just as tasty the next day.

4 - Cheesy Salmon And Broccoli Bake

Love salmon? This tasty bake will leave you coming back for more and is nutritious and delicious. The KNORR Sour Cream and Mushroom Pasta and Sauce add great flavour to this bake - one of those quick and easy recipes that’s perfect for autumn! Be sure to try even more of our dinner recipe ideas that are so tasty, you’ll find the family having seconds!

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