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Types of Tacos You Can Make with Robertsons

Types of Tacos You Can Make with Robertsons

Tacos are an excellent dish to serve for lunch or dinner, whether it’s just for you and your partner or a crowd of people coming over. They are easy to prepare, and they encourage your family and friends to dig in and get their hands dirty as they devour their tacos.You've probably made tacos a million times, but have you ever tried making them with Robertsons seasoning? We’ve put together our favourite tacos recipes here for you to try, with Robertson’s Taco Seasoning as the hero!

The History of Tacos

First things first, let’s find out where these lovely little pockets of deliciousness came from. Tacos originated in Mexico but have seen Spanish and American influences being incorporated into them over the years. Tacos take on many forms from soft-shelled tortillas to hard-shelled tacos, but all are meant to be eaten with your hands and enjoyed with a variety of meats, vegetables and salads inside and served with a range of side dishes too.

The difference between tacos and wraps or tortillas is that wraps and tortillas are soft and are meant to be wrapped around their fillings to create a little parcel. Tacos are hard-shelled bread that is meant to have the ingredients set inside of them and are not meant to be wrapped.

Favourite Robertsons Taco Recipes

Are you wondering what are the most popular taco fillings? Well, when it comes to tacos, the sky is the limit really – or should we say your tastebuds are. Tacos can be filled with different kinds of meats like beef, lamb, chicken, or pork, or they can have vegetarian fillings too like halloumi, chickpeas or kidney beans. The secret to a good taco is in the seasoning. Here are a few different taco recipes that we’ve tried and tested before and that have had our guests asking for seconds and thirds too!

Biltong Tacos

Biltong and a spicy yoghurt mayo, make this a truly South African-inspired taco favourite. Serve these tacos with chunky, spicy salsa, lime wedges and pickled onions!

Read the full Biltong Tacos recipe now.

Pulled Lamb Tacos

Shredded roast lamb served on soft and fluffy flour tortillas, topped with a minty homemade tzatziki sauce. Perfect for a quick weeknight meal.

Read the full Pulled Lamb Tacos recipe now.

Mexican Mince Tacos

Create a flavour fiesta for your family! Pile spicy beef into soft tacos, then top them with cool contrasting flavours: crisp lettuce, silky avocado and velvety sour cream. Finish with pickled red onions, coriander and lime wedges, then sit back and wait for the compliments.

Read the full Mexican Mince Tacos recipe now.

Pulled Pork Tacos

These pulled pork versions are ideal for a quick and easy weekday dinner, or a lazy weekend meal too. Robertson’s Spicy Shisanyama and Paprika are the heroes of the dish and turn the pork into a spicy flavour-burst that pairs beautifully with avocado yoghurt dip and salsa.

Read the full Pulled Pork Tacos recipe now.

Why You Should Have Tacos with Robertson's

Robertsons herbs and spices give a depth of flavour to any meat that you might choose to serve with your tacos. When you use Robertson’s spices to create flavourful meats, you’ll be taking your taco dishes to a new, gastronomic high. Always remember to serve your tacos with a range of delicious dips and sides for the ultimate flavour combination.

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