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The best salads to prepare for your braai

The best salads to prepare for your braai

Everyone loves a braai. In South Africa, we braai because we can. It’s a fast, fun, and easy way to spend time with family and cook a wide selection of meat over a hot fire. Everyone also knows that every braai is not complete without a great selection of salads. These salads aren’t just green salads, they’re a mix of bean salads, potato salads and even coleslaw or chakalaka.

It can be hard to come up with new and exciting ideas when some salads are a profound favourite amongst family members.

Serving up an array of salads at your braai will add an element of freshness and inclusivity as opposed to just serving meat only. Salads are light, refreshing, and nutritious and accompany braai meat perfectly. If you’re looking to impress your friends and family at your braai, these delicious braai salads will do just the trick. From the classics like potato salad and bean salad to more exotic options like a couscous salad, we have something for everyone to enjoy

Why Braai Salads are Key to any Braai?

Braai salads and braai meat go together like popsicles on a hot day; it’s just the way it is. It’s always best to have a wide selection of options instead of a few. Imagine you were invited to a braai where it was just salads only and one type of meat or meat only and one salad? You’d be tempted to either bring your own or wish you had offered to bring something in the beginning. Depending on the type of salad, it adds an element of freshness, crunch, and texture to braai meat.

What are the Different types of Salads That are Suitable for a Braai

It can be a challenge to think what type of salads are braai-worthy, but we’re here to tell you that every salad can be enjoyed at a braai. Here are five types of salads that will take any braai to a new level.

  • Green salads – these contain leafy greens such as lettuce, baby spinach or kale. It is mixed with other vegetables such as cucumber, peppers, and cherry tomatoes.
  • Vegetable salads – these are a mix of fresh and crunchy vegetables. It can be served cooked or raw and usually contain shredded cabbage, carrots, peppers and more.
  • Pasta salads – pasta salads are versatile. They can be filled with vegetables and meat or mixed with shredded meat only. Pasta salads are typically served cold and drenched in mayonnaise.
  • Grain salad – a grain salad usually involves a type of grain mixed with vegetables or salad ingredients. Grain types include quinoa, couscous, barley etc.

Braai Salad Ideas That are Simple and Easy to Make

Roasted Beetroot, Lentil and Feta Salad

A roasted beetroot, lentil and feta salad is the perfect side dish and salad to serve at your braai. The contrasting flavours of garlic and rosemary roasted beetroot with creamy, salty feta cheese makes it a unique and tasty meal your guests will love.

Potato Salad

A classic salad dish to any braai, you can’t go wrong with serving a potato salad at your braai. This is a known favourite and an easy win to keep your guests smiling.

Summer Avo, Feta and Couscous Salad

Say goodbye to standard green salads, and hello to summery and fresh grain salads. Whip up this quick and easy summer avocado, feta and couscous braai salad recipe with ingredients you should already have at home. It’s light and refreshing, perfect to have on the side at your braai.

Seven Colour Coleslaw

Bright, crunchy, and nutritious, this seven-colour coleslaw recipe is a must-have at your braai. If you enjoy vibrant veggies and colours on your plate, your braai will be complete with this tasty salad.

Three Bean Salad

Why have 1 when you can have 3? This protein-rich three bean salad recipe is quick, simple, and easy for you to throw together for your braai. It calls for canned chickpeas and kidney beans and fresh green beans. In 20 minutes, you will have a tasty bean salad recipe everyone will enjoy.

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