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Tasty Cooking Tips

Tasty Cooking Tips

5 Naturally Tasty Better-For-You Cooking Tips

Attention all foodies, home cooks and eaters! Looking for simple ways to help transform your everyday dishes into something special? Making micro-changes to your menu with these healthy cooking tips could help take your family favourites from drab to wow in just a few easy steps. Here are five simple tweaks to try now:

1. Transform Ordinary Mash by Adding Sweet Potatoes

For a better-for-you take on regular mashed potatoes, try mixing in cubes of orange sweet potatoes with your white potatoes. Not only does adding orange sweet potato create a beautiful marbled effect, but the addition of the sweet potatoes also adds a much-needed nutritional boost to your mash. Sweet potatoes — especially the orange and purple varieties — are rich in antioxidants, fibre and Vitamin A and are naturally tasty too!

2. Ditch Chicken Breasts for Thighs

Tired of constantly cooking up dry chicken breasts? Consider swapping your chicken breasts for skinned chicken thighs. Thighs are generally more succulent and flavourful than chicken breasts, and the good news is that once skinned, thighs still serve as a great lean option.

3. Invest in a Slow Cooker

To truly get the most from any cut of meat (no matter the price), consider investing in a slow cooker. Cooking using a slow cooker will ensure that you always enjoy tender, juicy meat! For even healthier slow-cooked stews, make sure to include nutrient-dense vegetables like diced carrots, broccoli, butternut, peppers and spinach.

4. Add Nuts

Nuts are another great way to take a simple dish up a notch. Apart from simply being delicious, nuts are also a great source of fat, fibre and protein. For simple ways to incorporate more nuts into your meals, try adding roasted cashews on top of your stir-fries or sprinkling toasted pine nuts on top of your pastries and desserts for an added crunch. Bambara groundnuts also make for a great locally sourced meal or snack option.

5. Explore Tasty Alternatives to Frying

Who doesn't salivate at the thought of eating steaming hot and crispy fries dusted with salt? Unfortunately, this beloved side is notorious for being high in unhealthy fat. Instead of banishing fries from your diet forever, why not try baking a batch in the oven instead? Make a variety of fry alternatives by switching up your veggies – some great choices for oven-baked fries include butternut, sweet potato and baby marrows.

Try our healthy cooking ideas at home with these delicious Knorr recipes:

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