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Summer Snacks

Summer Snacks


Seasons come but once a year, and each of them has a certain style that makes them unique. It’s what makes them wonderful. Summer, for example, is the season that inspires action and adds to the attraction of the outdoors, which is something we all need to keep in mind, especially when it comes to food. So, here are a few ways for you to do exactly that.


Keep it icy this summer with your very own homebrewed ice tea! It’s the ultimate thirst quencher at home or on the beach. You make it by brewing tea bags in a large mason jar under direct sunlight, adding different berries and fruits to the mix once the tea is ready, and then leaving it in the fridge over night to absorb all of the flavours. What flavours would your family fancy?


Sometimes the best summer food is something vegetarian. Now, we know one or two of your family members might not necessarily agree, but that’s just because they haven’t tasted our Bacon and Mozzarella Stuffed Mushrooms with KNORR Italian Vinaigrette. It only takes 20 minutes to make, and packs so much flavour that they are guaranteed to adore it.


Braaiboodjies might be something of a South African specialty, but Cheesy Braai Pie's made with puff pastry are definitely destined to be part of your summer snack plan. They taste great with a selection of vegetables and take almost no time to make.


If you’re a big fan of fruit, making your own plum roll-up is the ideal way to make sure there’s healthy food in your house. It usually takes a few hours to make, so try and spread it out over two days on the weekend – starting in the late afternoon and finishing in the morning. If you’re feeling adventurous try and mix two or three flavours of fruit together!

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